Tis’ the season to be jolly travelling! Holiday season is prime travel time and also gift time. But unlike most people, this can be a time for dread and fear for Digital Nomads.  

Why, do you ask? There’s always one relative or well-meaning friend who decides to give us a coffee table book as a present, something along the lines of  “Destinations of  Lifetime”, “Humans of New York” or the more obscure: “Underwater Dogs”. And while everyone loves a good coffee table book, most nomads don’t own a home, never mind a coffee table to store these weighty gifts on.

So, this year, I thought I’d put together a list of cool. nomad-friendly gifts so you can send your friends and family some ideas. I’ve divided the gifts into physical and digital gifts (for the extra light traveller) and I hope you like them.

P.s. some of these links are affiliate links, so if you buy something via the link I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Basically a little holiday gift for DNG 🙂 Win-win!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls

First, up our favourite gift this season:

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Inner Circlepng (1)

Membership to the DNG Inner Circle

That was actually my mum’s idea. She thought an annual membership to our DNG Inner Circle would be a lovely gift to ask for this year and I totally agree 🙂

The DNG Inner Circle is our brand new membership network: a virtual coworking community that travels with you wherever you go! I wanted to create a space where you can come for advice, learn from experts and where we’ll hold each other accountable and work towards our goals together. As a member you’ll get access to monthly masterclasses with experts, monthly live Q&As, monthly goal setting sessions, a dedicated community, virtual coworking days, workbooks, member-only perks & discounts and much more!

Annual membership is now available at the Early Bird price of only $220 and this price will be locked in and never go up as long as you’re a member. (Monthly membership is available for $22/month).


Physical gifts:


Stocking Fillers

Cable Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos, right? But have you heard of a cable taco? These brilliant little inventions look just like little tacos and help you keep all your cords tidy. I love mine and have avoided serious cable tangling ever since using it. Here’s a great selection of cable tacos.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Freelancer At Work Sticker (1)

Freelancer at Work Stickers

Created by one of the nomad girls in our community, Martina. These stickers are a super clever way to advertise your services while working at coworking spaces or in cafes. There’s a whole range of different job titles a they’re a great way to spark a conversation with potential future clients. Get your own sticker here.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Get Dirty With Me

Get Dirty With Me

Not only is the name amazing, but this magic little powder shampoo might just change the way us nomads wash our hair for good. Another creation by one of our lovely DNG members, Leah has created this shampoo as a one-stop fix for all your washing needs. Can’t be bothered to wash your hair or want to freshen up after a long flight? Use it as a dry shampoo. Ready to hit the shower? Lather it up and use as normal shampoo. You can also use it on your skin if you’re a little hot and sweaty, as a face scrub and a soothing mask for a sunburn. It packs flat, is all natural and not tested on animals and made in Australia.

Bonus: if you use the coupon code DNG before December 25th you’ll get 3 free mini packs with your purchase! The minis are the perfect size to toss in your day bag. Check it out here and get it for all your nomad friends.


All time Favourite Nomad Gifts

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Kindle

Amazon Kindle

One of my all-time favourite gifts that I ever received (it was a graduation gift from my research group where I did my PhD) is my beloved Kindle. It’s nearly 4.5 years old today and still going strong. I love a good, real book just as much as the next bookworm, but it’s simply not practical to lug them around in your backpack. It’s bad for your health, you’ll have to pay for the extra weight and it limits your reading options. A Kindle is one of the best gifts for digital nomads.

Both the basic Kindle as well as the Kindle Paperwhite (which has built-in LEDs) are great options and won’t break the bank.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tshirt (1)
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tote Bag (1)
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tanktop (1)

DNG Tote Bag, Tank Top or T-Shirt

I haven’t officially launched the DNG shop yet so you’re the first to find out about our brand new DNG goodies! Yay! You can choose between 2 fun travel quotes or just our simple logo on a tank top, tote or t-shirt! I love them all and hope you will too, maybe you have a digital nomad girl friend who’d love one for Christmas!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Mamimu Tote

Mamimu Laptop Tote Bag

Also created by one of our very own digital nomad girls, June, the Mamimu Tote bags are possibly the prettiest laptop totes around. Inspired by Japanese Kimono culture and the graphic elements of urban landscapes, the totes come in 3 different styles and colours. I’ve been happily testing out my own Mamimu tote bag that June kindly sent me and it’s become one of my favourite bags. Great for popping down to the coworking space, without looking like a tourist with my backpack on. Check out the bags here.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Roost Stand (1)

The Roost Laptop Stand

Not the sexiest present, but definitely one of the healthiest ones for digital nomads. The Roost Stand is my favourite laptop stand. It’s incredibly lightweight, packs down to the size of of a measuring stick and holds nearly any laptop safely. Since using it, I’ve really noticed less neck pain, fewer headaches and no tingling in my wrists and fingers anymore. I really recommend every long-term laptop user to use one of these.

You can get it on Amazon here > >


Digital Gifts


Sometimes even the most useful and lightweight physical gifts are too much to carry around. That’s why I love the idea of giving my nomadic friends virtual gifts instead. Here are some of my favourites:

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Headspace (1)

Headspace or Calm Membership

Keepingup with clients, travelling full time, running your own business, meeting new people. Phew. Being a digital nomad girl is hard work and often we forget to look after ourselves properly. One of the best things you can do to look after yourself is to look after your mind, and meditation is one of the best ways to do that.

Headspace and Calm are both meditation apps and I love and use them both. Headspace is a bit more down to earth while Calm is a bit more hippy-ish with soothing ocean sounds, gentle music and sleeping stories for adults. An annual membership is a great gift for any digital nomad girls and something they can use every day.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Spotify

Spotify Membership

Everybody loves music and the best way to access it these days is via Spotify. The free version works well on desktop but if you want to listen to music while you’re on the go, you’ll need a subscription. A great gift for a nomad!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Yoga with adriene

Yoga With Adriene Membership

As a nomad I spend a lot of time hunched over my laptop. I love my Roost stand but after a long day of work, my shoulders are tense even with the laptop stand. Yoga has been so helpful over the last years. It helps me relax, loosen my sore shoulders, stretch my wrists and neck.

My favourite online yoga teacher is Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. She offers a tonne of free videos on Youtube but if you want even more and want to be able to watch them offline, you can sign up to her membership and app. I love her and can really recommend this video on yoga for healthy wrists.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Netflix

Netflix Membership

As digital nomads we work hard, travel hard and also chill hard 😉 Haha, ok that was super cheesy. But seriously, we all have long flights, airport layovers and train rides and what is better to pass the time than a nice Netflix binge. With the app you can even download your shows and movies to your phone and watch them offline. The perfect gift for any digital nomad.


There you go, the perfect gifts for all price ranges for Digital Nomad Girls! Whether you’re looking for a present for a DNG friend of yours or you want to give your loved ones some idea of gifts you’d enjoy, I hope you like our recommendations.

Happy Christmas to you all! Ho Ho Ho!


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