Freelance Pricing Strategies for Digital Nomad Girls

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This is the first part in our new Freelancing 101 series where we’ll talk about all things freelance. Part one is a guest post by the lovely Thalassa van Beek, a freelance social media & content manager and long-time DNG member. How to price your freelance services is one of the most common questions asked […]

What I Learned During My First Month as a Full-Time Freelancer

What I Learned In My First Month as a Full-Time Freelancer

I spent my first day as a full-time freelancer spectacularly hungover. I’ll admit, it was not the most auspicious (or romantic) beginning to my new self-employed life, but I’d spent the evening before at a send-off party with my now-former co-workers, and I was riding the excitement and fear of what I’d just done: quit […]

5 Lessons I learned at the first Digital Nomad Girls Retreat

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Sometimes, when the right people get together at the right time and place, magical things can happen. This is probably an accurately cheesy, yet true, description of what I experienced last week at the first Digital Nomad Girls Retreat.   Fourteen girls from 10 different countries around the world met at Sun and Co., a […]