Las Palmas for Digital Nomad Girls – The Ultimate Guide

Las palmas digital nomad girls guide travel

Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most popular Digital Nomad destinations around. Some even go as far as calling it the Chiang Mai of Europe. One thing’s for sure, Las Palmas is a great place for remote workers and […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Virtual Coworking – and Why You Will, Too!

Today, let’s talk about coworking and why I love, love love virtual coworking (and what the hell it even is). First off though, I want to say that I’m a huge fan of coworking. But I hardly ever use coworking spaces. Sounds a bit weird, right? The truth is, I totally get why coworking spaces […]

DNG Presents Online Job of the Month: Social Media Manager

In our new blog series we want to share with you all the different and interesting jobs that you can do online. Many people think that only web developers and bloggers can work remotely, when actually there is a growing number of jobs that allow you to go remote. This month we are going to […]

What I Learned During My First Month as a Full-Time Freelancer

What I Learned In My First Month as a Full-Time Freelancer

I spent my first day as a full-time freelancer spectacularly hungover. I’ll admit, it was not the most auspicious (or romantic) beginning to my new self-employed life, but I’d spent the evening before at a send-off party with my now-former co-workers, and I was riding the excitement and fear of what I’d just done: quit […]

Meet Digital Nomad Girl Stella: Online Social Entrepreneur

In our monthly Digital Nomad Girls interview series we will feature interviews with Digital Nomad Girls from around the world with interesting location independent jobs. This week we talked to Stella, online social entrepreneur and founder of 22 STARS. Introduce yourself! Where are you from, what’s your background and where are you currently living? I was […]

5 Lessons I learned at the first Digital Nomad Girls Retreat

Featured Image of Lessons from first Digital Nomad Girls Retreat

Sometimes, when the right people get together at the right time and place, magical things can happen. This is probably an accurately cheesy, yet true, description of what I experienced last week at the first Digital Nomad Girls Retreat.   Fourteen girls from 10 different countries around the world met at Sun and Co., a […]

Chiang Mai for Digital Nomad Girls: The Ultimate Guide

Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads - The Ultimate Guide Featured image

In our Digital Nomad Girls Ultimate Guide series, we introduce cities from around the world that are great places for location independent ladies. From Chiang Mai to Medellin, we’ve got you covered. The first edition is Chiang Mai for Digital Nomad Girls. Chiang Mai for Digital Nomad Girls It feels almost like a cliche to […]