Did you have to cancel any travel plans or stopping travel during coronavirus? Here are 10 ways to make the best of it!

Well it’s safe to say that coronavirus is totally dominating the news and has thrown a total spanner into many a nomadic travel plan.

A few days ago I asked whether anyone had changed or cancelled their plans in the DNG Facebook Group and I had to stop reading all the comments once they hit 500+.

So yeah, it’s definitely a big topic for most digital nomads right now.

I hesitated for a long time to share my own thoughts, but as the leader of our community, I thought I had a responsibility. But because I want to keep this post focused on how we can make the best of this challenging time, I’ll keep it really short:

  • I think we’re all global citizens with a global responsibility
  • Restricting movement means slowing down the virus, which means lessening the strain on our fragile health systems and potentially saving a lot of lives
  • As digital nomads we love being on the move, but thanks to our ability to work from anywhere online, I think now’s the time to slow down, settle in for a bit and avoid all unnecessary travels.

stopping travel during coronavirus

Now, this might be controversial and I can’t tell every digital nomad what to do. But from the response in our community, I can tell that most of you agree with me and are slowing down or stopping travel during coronavirus, for the time being at least, to stay with family or find a temporary home base.

The question is, what do we do now? How do we not go crazy from our itchy feet?

How to spend your time when you’re stopping travel during coronavirus

Here are some ideas to spend our time in voluntary self-isolation or quarantine:

Chill out and do nothing

Yep, that’s my first suggestion: do nothing. And instead of feeling guilty or unproductive, just enjoy it. It might be a really concerning reason, but the coronavirus outbreak has weirdly forced us all to slow down.

So slow down, chill out and relax for a while. You’d be surprised how inspiring and necessary it it.

Read a book (or 5)

reading at home digital nomad

Have you ever thought, “I would just loooove to spend a whole week reading and doing nothing else?” No, just me? I’m kidding, I know you have!

Ok, so you probably still have client work or other business tasks to do. But chances are that you have some spare time on your hands to read a few new books. Make a list, download them on your Kindle and make a cup of tea. It’s time to get bookwormy.

Finally tackle that big project

Been wanting to write a book forever?

Or finally start that food podcast with your friend you’ve been talking about since high school?

Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of doing “one day when you have time” – now’s the time! When will you have so much uninterrupted quiet time again to fully focus on a shiny new project?

Make new friends in the DNG Inner Circle

Being stuck and not able to travel really sucks. But you’re not alone! Why not join an amazing community of digital nomad girls and expand your personal and professional network?

In the DNG Inner Circle, we meet daily for Virtual Coworking (great to stay productive AND make new friends) and we host lots of fun monthly events from our Book Club to Monthly Goal Setting Workshops, Feedback Sessions, Coffee Roulettes and even our new Money Club.

It seriously is the best way to stay connected and feel less lonely during these crazy times, when you’re stopping travel during coronavirus. Join us here!

Take a course and learn a new skill

As more and more schools are shutting down because of Coronavirus, students around the world are suddenly attending lessons via Zoom. Online learning has never been more popular and of course, us digital nomads love ourselves a good online course. You can learn literally anything from coding to email marketing to the Art of Clowning (yep that’s a thing).

Why not take this time to freshen up some skills or learn some new ones. Many courses are free or really affordable.

If you’re still dreaming of becoming a digital nomad yourself, then check out my brand new course for aspiring digital nomad girls ,“Stop Dreaming, Start Packing”.

Try yoga

yoga at home digital nomad

Just because we’re stuck inside most of the time doesn’t mean we can’s stay healthy. Thanks to about 1 bajillion Youtube yoga classes, you can become a yogi in no time. My personal favourite is of course Yoga with Adriene, but there are other teachers out there.

Not into yoga? Then try pilates, or hula hooping, or tap dancing, or anything else really, I bet it’s out there.

Learn a nuevo language

Been too busy exploring and trying the local cuisine to learn the language? Then now’s the time! Download Duolingo or Babbel on your phone, pick your favourite language and get learning. If you want more personal support you can hire an online language teacher or find a language exchange buddy to practice with via Zoom.

Try a new hobby (crochet anyone?)

Hobbies are often neglected when we’re travelling. Either we don’t have time or we can’t schlepp the necessary equipment around with us. So here’s your chance to dust off your ukulele, pick up your knitting needles or try your hand at calligraphy.

Not sure how to get started? Youtube is your best friend, I’ve learned anything from hula hooping to crochet on there!

Catch up with your global friends virtually

I bet you’ve accumulated friends all around the globe by now. And while it’s always more fun to see them in person, why not set up some virtual catchup sessions while you’re stuck inside? And if you’re worried you get bored by a simple Skype call, spice it up a little and turn it into a wine date or boardgame night! You can even plan a movie night together or binge stream the same Netflix show virtually. It’s fun!

Join the weekly DNG Virtual Events that I’ll be hosting

And last but not least, I’ve decided to do whatever I can to make sure you don’t feel too lonely during this crisis. For the next few weeks at least I’ll be hosting a Virtual Event every Friday, free to join for all DNG members.

I want to make sure nobody feels too isolated and that we make the best of this time with the tools available to us. Sign up here to find out about the weekly events. 


Here you go, 10 fun ways to keep yourself busy while stopping travel during coronavirus. And remember, stay safe, wash your hands and look after each other!


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