Welcome to our newest blog post series: Digital Nomad Girls Mini Guides! We can’t always spend a few weeks or months in each destination, that’s why we’ve created these little guides for short trips. They are perfect to find a great place to sleep, get some work done and also feature some of the best things to do and eat. Enjoy! 

This post is a guest post by Ulya from Essen in Germany. 

Singapore Mini Guide


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Recently, my husband and I had a 4-day stopover in Singapore on our way back to Germany. Although we usually keep costs to a minimum, we decided to really enjoy Singapore.

The first thing I do wherever I go is to get a local SIM card. In Singapore you can easily get one right at the airport: A 5-day tourist SIM card with 4 GB of data costs about 10 €. If you need more information on SIM cards and which one to get in a particular country, the Prepaid Data SIM Wiki is a really good resource.

From the airport, we got an Uber to our hotel. Uber in Singapore works great, feels safe and is affordable.

Generally speaking, low budget hostels just didn’t seem that low budget so we just went for it and stayed at the Fullerton Hotel which is a 5-star hotel. If you travel alone this is far too expensive but if you have a good friend or are with your partner and you just want to chill and live the life for even just one night this place is great!


Digital Nomad Girls Singapore Mini Guide Gardens by the Bay

What to do and where to go in Singapore?

Singapore is a tiny country and I recommend you walk to explore the city-state. It is really easy to find your way around, you can also use google maps on your phone because you hopefully got your local SIM card.

My favorite activity no matter where I go is to eat! In Singapore, you can get really good food from all over the world. I loved all this variety. If you are vegetarian or vegan you will have it easier in Singapore than in most SEA countries. Food stalls are everywhere so just go pick one. Food-wise I suggest you try as much as you can!

  • Dumplings: If you are a dumpling lover go to Din Tai Fung. Well-known, tasty and affordable.
  • Shopping: I hate to admit it, but leaving empty handed was not an option with all the shopping malls. (We didn’t buy much, though.)
  • The gardens by the Bay are a lovely park where you can get away from the city and just relax. You also get to see the avatar inspired Supertrees.
  • Check out Chinatown and Little India as these parts of the city feel completely different and there is always something to discover.
  • Merlion is a mix of a mermaid and a lion. It is Singapore’s mascot and from there you have a nice view over the marina and the perfect spot to take pictures of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Where to work in Singapore as a digital nomad?

A new co-working space The Hive is just after opening up. It is big, clean and spacious. The staff is friendly and the internet connection is fast and reliable.

Coworking Space Singapore Digital Nomad Girls

If you have a membership you can also use their co-working spaces in Hong Kong and Bangkok. So if you are considering visiting these cities as well, a membership is definitely a good option.

There are another couple of co-working spaces in Singapore, but being very satisfied with The Hive and only staying 4 days in Singapore, we did not feel the need to check out any more co-working spaces.

We also work a lot from cafes. There is a Starbucks around every corner and cafes are always filled with people working while enjoying their beverage.

Digital Nomad Girls Singapore Mini Guide Marina Bay Sands

What impressed me the most about Singapore was how much green you find. The city planners did an incredible job integrating all this nature into their city! Plants hanging from buildings and being planted on roof tops. Amazing!

Singapore is a tiny city with over 5 million people, but it feels so safe and well organised! If you are a female solo traveller and wondering if you can go to Singapore by yourself then let me tell you: you can! If you are a travel beginner there is almost no better city to start your travels. It is not cheap though, unless you know where the locals go. We came from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and got a bit of a shock at how pricey life all of sudden was.

It is not cheap, however, unless you know where the locals go. We came from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and got a bit of a shock at how pricey life all of sudden was.

All in all, I would go back to Singapore in a heartbeat!


Now it’s over to you! Have you visited Singapore as a Digital Nomad? Please share in the comments!


Ulya writes on her blog Wondering Me and you can contact her via Twitter @ulyavuz and Instagram @oolyaverse. All pictures were taken by her husband Florian Ziegler

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