In this series, we’re chatting with our Digital Nomad Girls Retreat Alumni about their experiences at a DNG retreat! We’re so excited to feature these amazing ladies and to invite all of our old and new members to join us at our retreat taking place in Javea, Spain this year in June!

Hi Sienna – please tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Sienna Brown and I’m an entrepreneur and expat dedicated to helping others build lives that they love, no matter where they are in the world. I’m originally from New York but have been living in Spain for the past five years.

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I’m the founder of Las Morenas de España which is a platform and community that provides resources for women of color looking to move abroad and build a life they love. I also work for Sun and Co., one of the leading coliving spaces in Europe (and home of the DNG retreats) as the head of communications and business development!

Apart from all of that, I also have a personal brand that focuses on teaching entrepreneurial women how to advance in life through mindset, discipline and habits without burning out. Phew!

While I’m not 100% nomadic (I like routine too much), with my work I have a ton of flexibility to work remotely and hop around from place to place as I please.


Why did you decide to join us at the retreat? What motivated you to join?

I joined the first DNG retreat almost three years ago for a few reasons. I had been in Spain for a couple of years already but was really missing the entrepreneurial, driven community that I used to have back home. I don’t remember exactly how I heard about the retreat, most likely on Facebook but when I saw that it was only two hours away from where I was living at the moment, it was an immediate yes!

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I was excited to not just meet likeminded women doing great work but also to explore another part of Spain, which I now call home!

One year later when DNG came back to Javea, I was actually then working at Sun and Co. so I got to attend the retreat again and help on the organizational side of it all.


How has the retreat impacted your life as a digital nomad?

The retreat has impacted my life in so many ways!

To be honest, if I had never gone to the DNG retreat I probably wouldn’t have the life that I do now because it introduced me to Javea and Sun and Co. Not only that but the DNG retreat brought together so many wonderful girls who I have since collaborated with and become friends.

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What were your biggest takeaways from the retreat?

Some of my biggest takeaways from the retreat is the importance of learning and growing with other people outside of your field. It was really nice to be able to connect with a ton of women in different sectors but also in different parts of their journey.

Sienna Brown Digital Nomad Girls Retreat Javea


What’s your favourite memory from the retreat?

One of my favorite memories from the retreat was probably laughing hysterically with Anna Le Constant in so many different moments. It was such a freeing feeling to be in a comfortable space and to truly be yourself with a support group of ladies.

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Are you still in touch with any of the girls from the retreat?

For sure! It’s been almost 3 years but some of us are still in touch and support one another personally and professionally.

It’s been really cool to also see how everyone has grown since we first met as well. Post retreat I have also traveled to visit some of the ladies that I met and we’ve also had new experiences together as well.


Would you recommend the retreat to a friend?

I’d absolutely recommend the retreat to a friend. It’s an amazing experience and I think it’s a great fit for anyone looking to expand their circles, learn from others and have a good time in paradise!

Sienna Brown Digital Nomad Girls Retreat Javea 2

I’ll actually be at this retreat (but on the organizational side) so I can’t wait to meet you there!


Thank you SO much Sienna for sharing your experience with us! If you’d like to find Sienna online, you can contact her via her ! If you want to find out more about the Digital Nomad Girls retreats, you can find all information here.

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