In this series, we’re chatting with our Digital Nomad Girls Retreat Alumni about their experiences at a DNG retreat! We’re so excited to feature these amazing ladies and to invite all of our old and new members to join us at our retreat taking place in Javea, Spain this year in June!

Hi Meredith – please tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a graphic designer, 36 years old, from Birmingham, Alabama. When I attended the retreat, I had traveled fairly often before but I was not nomadic. I’ve now been traveling full time while working as a designer for just over a year.

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Meredith is also the founder of the super cute Merdoggo!


Why did you decide to join us at the retreat? What motivated you to join?

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article on Bustle that was featuring women who had become financially independent in unconventional ways. Jenny was one of them. When I read the description, I immediately thought, this is what I’ve been looking for! It’s what I need to do! And at the end of the blurb, they mentioned the upcoming DNG retreat in Javea, Spain.

I was reading the article I believe just a week or 2 before the retreat was starting, and I immediately emailed Jenny to ask if there were any spots available. Someone had dropped out and I signed right up!


How has the retreat impacted your life as a digital nomad?

I’d say in a major way!

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I’d sort of thought about traveling while working before I’d heard the term “digital nomad.” My boyfriend at the time worked from home all the time, I wanted that freedom too, but he wasn’t really into travel.

I was always a traveler before then, and living in NYC was a way to satiate my wanderlust for a long time. Building up to becoming nomadic was gradual, really, it didn’t happen overnight by any means.

But being at the retreat was the big push to get me in a better mindset to go for it. It was thinking about ways to make money and be successful without relying on an employer. At the retreat I was making friends with girls who led these amazing lives, and they were sharing their ups and downs as well.

meredith digital nomad girls javea retreat

It was relatable in so many ways. They were not only impressive because they were traveling, but because they were independent and creating new things – new types of businesses, new ways to organize and stay on track, and simple things like being minimalist.


What were your biggest takeaways from the retreat?

I think having the support system was especially great for me. Knowing there are others who either have the same questions I do or already have the answers because they’ve been through it.

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Though I still had a fair amount of doubt in my mind whether I could do it, the ideas and possibilities were more attainable after meeting and talking with others.

The transition was gradual after the retreat. Within a few months, I was practising working and travel by taking a long trip home for Christmas, and a couple of months after that, I was in Thailand with friends I’d met on the retreat.


What’s your favourite memory from the retreat?

One night, my new friend Jemma and I had missed a group dinner, because we were working late. We decided to check out a pizza place a block or so away, it always had a lot of people around and seemed popular.

We ordered a pizza for takeaway and stood there for an hour waiting on our pizza. Earlier at the retreat, we had taken personality quizzes, and Jemma and I got the same personality type. We’re both mediators and in that situation both waiting on the pizza neither of us taking charge to ask about where our order was, but just commenting to each other about how long it was taking! 🙂


Are you still in touch with any of the girls from the retreat?

I still talk to some of them on a nearly daily basis!

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I meet up with them frequently as well. We plan trips occasionally and take a month here and there in different cities we want to explore. I spent a month in Croatia with 3 of the girls and another in Italy with a few others.


Would you recommend the retreat to a friend?

If I had a friend who seemed right for the lifestyle, for sure!


Thank you SO much Meredith for sharing your experience with us! If you’d like to find Meredith online, you can contact her via her shop website, Farawild, or via their Instagram! If you want to find out more about the Digital Nomad Girls retreats, you can find all information here.

Meredith norwood digital nomad girls retreat


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