In this series, we’re chatting with our Digital Nomad Girls Retreat Alumni about their experiences at a DNG retreat! We’re so excited to feature these amazing ladies and to invite all of our old and new members to join us at our retreat taking place in Javea, Spain this year in June!

Hi Chelse – please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey there! My name is Chelse Hensley, I’m 28 and reside in the Carolinas (USA) when not traveling. I’ve been semi-nomadic for over 3 years now and love blending the best of both worlds when traveling and also keeping a normal routine for half the year of each.

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I am a Social Media Advertising specialist so I work with brands and businesses to sell products, and events via Facebook and Instagram. I love building sales funnels to help my clients accomplish their business goals!


Why did you decide to join us at the retreat? What motivated you to join?

This is my third retreat because Digital Nomad Girls can’t get rid of me 😉 I’ve grown and learned so much from being involved in DNG.

The first retreat, the girls convinced me to leave my 9-5 and operate under my own business, the second retreat solidified my business plan and it’s where I met another Digital Marketer, Bettina Wittman, whom I’ve now been working on projects with for over a year and a half!

Chelse digital nomad girls retreat jennifer lachs las palmas

This upcoming retreat, I’m looking forward to brainstorming new ideas for revenue sources, how to best scale my services, and learning from other experts in their fields.

Also, sipping Spanish sangria and coasting the Mediterranean doesn’t hurt either 😉


How has the retreat impacted your life as a digital nomad?

Jenny, the Founder of DNG, is famous for saying “there’s no one right way to be a Digital Nomad” and I love embracing that. I’m not a full-time nomad and I truly enjoy having a homebase back in the states and I think that’s important.

It’s a treat to come to these retreats and meet new people and enjoy the beautiful locale as a type of “working vacation” – it’s a bit of a luxury that is worth every penny.

Chelse digital nomad girls retreat jennifer lachs las palmas


What were your biggest takeaways from the retreat?

Ha! Well, uh, my first retreat quite literally changed my life forever. From their support and ideas, I was able to take those tools and lay the foundation to start my own marketing agency.

I still keep in touch with many of the girls and it’s like having a group of travel BFF’s all over the world. Some of us have met up in other parts of the world like Scotland, Bulgaria, and the Canary Islands.


What’s your favourite memory from the retreat?

Boating around the Costa Blanca in Javea was absolutely stunning and I’ll never forget that day. It was a fantastic activity for us girls – even though a few of us got stung by jelly fish. But hey, now I have a story telling people I got bit by a Jelly Fish on the mediterranean. How many people can say that?

Chelse digital nomad girls retreat jennifer lachs javea


Are you still in touch with any of the girls from the retreat?

Of course. Just last week I had 2 skype calls with previous retreat members and I speak to my business partner whom I met at the last retreat at least a few times a week. And I had a lovely skype call with DNG Founder, Jenny, for my birthday.

Oh yeah, not the mention LIVING in Bulgaria for a month with Carole, whom I also met in Javea!


Would you recommend the retreat to a friend?

If there was a percentage higher than 100%, I’d use it. Do it! It’s worth the investment in memories and applications you can apply for your career and personal growth.

Chelse digital nomad girls retreat jennifer lachs las palmas


Thank you SO much Chelse for sharing your experience with us! If you’d like to connect with Chelse, you can contact her via her business, Recharge Social Media or her personal website! If you want to find out more about the Digital Nomad Girls retreats, you can find all information here.

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