I get asked soooo often about which tools and services I use for my location independent business, so I thought I’d put them all together for you here. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you decide to buy a service or tool through my link at absolutely no extra cost to you! It’s a win win ? And I only recommend things I use myself or have tested out myself!


Digital Nomad Girls Resources Siteground


My favourite WordPress hosting service is Siteground because of their amazing customer service (they’ve helped me so much, even with non-hosting related stuff), their performance and affordable price tag. Hosting starts at only $5.95 per month, check it out here.


I’ve tried a lot of different email marketing services and recently switched back to my all-time favourite, MailerLite. It’s super simple to use, very affordable (I saved over $1300 per year by switching from Activecampaign) their support is great and I honestly love using their campaign designer and tools.

It’s fun to use and I want to enjoy the tools I use, so MailerLite is a winner.


Digital Nomad Girls Resources Divi

Divi Theme

My absolutely favourite theme of all time is the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. It’s super easy to use with its own drag-and-drop builder, there are tonnes of tutorials and resources out there because it’s one of the most popular themes AND you can use it on as many websites as you want, even client websites. Check Divi out, I’m sure you’ll love it too!


Podia is a platform that lets you host and sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars and even memberships. It’s super user friendly (both for the course creator and students), doesn’t take a cut of your course fees (unlike other platforms) and looks great.

I use it for my beginner course “Stop Dreaming, Start Packing” and absolutely recommend it. Check out Podia for 14-days free here.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources Zoom


Zoom has been one of my favourite tools for many years now and it’s where I host all my meetings, live events and even Facebook Lives. It’s super reliable, has great connectivity, needs little bandwidth and you can record all your meetings to share or upload them later. 

It’s so much more than just meeting software, you can even record courses in Zoom.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources Memberpress


If you want to build your own membership site, just like the DNG Inner Circle, I recommend using the Memberpress plugin for WordPress. It’s pretty simple to use, compatible with all themes and really flexible.


Digital Nomad Girls Resources Smarterqueue


SmarterQueue  is my favourite tool for scheduling posts to Facebook and Twitter. It’s just as powerful as Meet Edgar, but costs a fraction of the price. You can re-share evergreen content so that your blog posts get the love they need regularly. Get a free month’s trial by using this link.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources Planoly


Planoly is my favourite Instagram planning and scheduling tool. It’s beautifully laid out, super easy to use and you can preview what your grid will look like. You get 30 uploads per month for free and can schedule all your posts and even Instagram Stories in advance.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources Tailwind


Tailwind is your Pinterest power tool. It lets you schedule all your pins by time and to multiple boards.It is really powerful and will help increase traffic from Pinterest, even by just investing an hour or two per month. Get a month for free using this link.


90-Day VA

If you’re interested in getting started working as a VA (virtual assistant) then Esther Inman is your gal. Esther has trained over 4000 women and men through her course 90-Day VA. She teaches hands-on skills that business owners are hiring for right now.

My own VA Georgia has gone through her program and I can honestly say that it’s been a game-changer to have her on my team. You can watch the free Masterclass here to find out more about becoming a VA.

Design Space Logo Resources

Design Space WordPress Course

Melissa Love is one of our featured experts inside the DNG Inner Circle where she created a WordPress & Divi mini-course for our lovely members.

If you’re new to WordPress and want to learn the skills to create beautiful websites for yourself or your clients, then I can’t recommend Melissa’s course enough.

She patiently walks you through every single steps and explains everything in simple language, super easy to follow.

DBM Bootcamp

My friend and former DNG team member Deya Aliaga runs the DBM Bootcamp (DBM = Digital Business Manager) and honestly, it’s one of the best courses I’ve ever set eyes on. Deya teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a DBM, so you can work with dream clients, help them run their business and earn fantastic money online.

Many of my Inner Circle members are taking her course (my own VA included) and if I was starting out online now, THIS is the route I’d go as well. Check out Deya’s free Masterclass here to find out what DBMs do and how to become one.

More coming soon!

Elise Darma Resources Logo

Insta  Growth Boss

Elise Darma, my go-to for ALL things Instagram, just released a brand new FREE masterclass on how to generate sales, leads and clients to your business using Instagram! 

I’ve been following her on IG for ages and have learned a tonne from her about how to use Instagram effectively and without it being a total time suck. You can watch the free Masterclass here.


Digital Nomad Girls Resources Airbnb


Finding accommodation in new destinations is a constant struggle for Digital Nomad Girls. Thankfully, AirBnB connects travellers with locals who are renting rooms, apartments, and houses. It feels more like having a home than staying in a hostel or hotel.

Get €29 in free travel credit when you sign up with this link.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources World Nomads

World Nomads

Having solid travel insurance is an absolute must as a Digital Nomad or long term traveller, no matter what country you’re from. World Nomads can protect you in case of medical emergency, but also if you have to fly home to be treated, which could cost tens of thousands otherwise.

World Nomads is available to travellers from over 150 countries and is the most popular digital nomad insurance.

Digital Nomad Girls Resources TrustedHousesistters

Trusted Housesitters

Housesitting is becoming more and more popular among digital nomads, and with good reason. Who doesn’t love to stay in lovely homes for free while looking after adorable furry friends?

Trusted Housesitters is the biggest housesitting marketplace and for only $89 a year you can sit as much as you like.


Digital Nomad Girls Resources Transferwise


If you’re a freelancer and receive money in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars or Canadian Dollars, Transferwise could be the perfect solution for you. Not only are their international transfer fees ridiculously low but they also offer borderless bank accounts and business accounts.

Use this link to get your first £500 worth of international transfers for free!

Digital Nomad Girls Resources Tide


If your business is registered in the UK, then definitely check out Tide. It’s a 100% online business bank account with super low fees and a great app. It also connects with Paypal and Stripe, unlike many other online banks, and you get a Mastercard Debit Card to use for business expenses.

Sign up here and get 150 free transfers with the code ‘NOMADGIRLS’

GDPR Compliance Kit

Dealing with all the legal stuff around your business can be a real pain, especially if you can’t really afford a lawyer yet. Suzanne Dibble is the law expert for small businesses and in her GDPR Pack you get access to all the necessary website policies and advice you need to run your business. Plus, there’s a whole online course included that walks you through everything to make sure you know how to use the templates properly.


7in7 Conference

The only conference for experienced digital nomads! There will be 7 conferences over 7 years on all 7 continents and yes, Antarctica is happening 2022! I can’t wait! The next one is hopefully happening in October 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa. Get your ticket here!

Nomad Train

Have you ever wanted to cross Russia on the trans-Siberian railway? Well, now you can share the experience with a bunch of digital nomads aboard Nomad Train!

DNG Retreats

Digital Nomad Girls Retreats – Our very own girls-only retreats in Europe and soon beyond!

Join the VIP Waitlist for news on the next retreat here and check out what we got up to at our last retreats here.



Gynopedia is a free resource for sexual, reproductive and women’s health care. It’s a wiki, so anyone can contribute or edit information. You search for a city and Gynopedia provides information related to birth control, emergency contraception, STI tests, gynecologists, abortion clinics and more.

Roost Laptop Stand

Working on a laptop all day long can have serious health implications. I started having issues with my neck and pain in my hands and writst until I started using the Roost Stand. It’s super lightweight, folds down to nothing and is a total game changer. Get yours here. 

Yoga for wrists & neck

I absolutely love the “Yoga with Adriene” YouTube channel, and here are some of my favourite yoga exercises for digital nomad health:


Tool overwhelm is a real thing for Digital Nomad Girls! That’s why we’ve put together the Ultimate DNG Toolbox with over 100 tools to help you with productivity while travelling, working abroad, staying in touch, meeting people and much more!

You can download it for free here!

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