DNG Presents Online Job of the Month: Social Media Manager

In our new blog series we want to share with you all the different and interesting jobs that you can do online. Many people think that only web developers and bloggers can work remotely, when actually there is a growing number of jobs that allow you to go remote.

This month we are going to be sharing with you how to work as a Social Media Manager from anywhere in the world.

We interviewed 3 girls that are currently rocking the digital nomad world as Social Media Managers, and here’s what they have to tell you…

What exactly does a social media manager do?

As a Social Media Manager, you can handle a lot of different tasks for your clients, and the job can vary depending on what different clients want and need. However, some of the tasks that you can expect to do include:

– Creating a social media strategy
– Community management & customer service
– Content creation & curation
– Content scheduling
– Research
– You might be responsible for influencer outreach, and forming strategic alliances
– Running campaigns
– Managing ads


What kind of skills do you need to become a Social Media Manager?

Lisa told us, “Knowledge of online marketing channels – there are so many platforms now people tend to specialize and become experts in a couple. Excellent copywriting skills and solid grammar. Ability to deliver creative content (text, image, and video). Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and Google Analytics. A lot of places want familiarity with web design and at least basic HTML knowledge. Great communication skills are very important.”

Vicky added to that by telling us, “Of course, familiarity with each social media platform including targeting capabilities, ad types, and delivery options are important too!”

Jen also let us know what the most important skills for her are, “communication, multitasking, writing, project management, strategic thinking, and customer service skills.”


Do you need any qualifications or certificates?

All the girls agreed that no, you don’t need any qualifications or certificates to work as a Social Media Manager. However, they also agreed that it can be very helpful for you to have experience, and if it’s something you are really passionate about your, educate yourself using one of the many online courses out there.


Where do you find jobs as a social media manager?

Jen shared her secrets for where she finds jobs as a social media manager: “There are so many opportunities to find clients and jobs. There are websites like Upwork, Facebook groups, networking events, and just good ol’ conversation with a stranger. I’ve found most of my clients from Facebook groups, networking events, and referrals from these relationships. I’ve even gotten a client from a housesit!”

Lisa agreed that word of mouth is one of the best ways for you to find a job working as a Social Media Manager.

Vicky shared a slightly different opinion: “There are many ways to go about building a career in social media. I personally feel starting at an agency is the most effective way to learn both the soft and hard skills necessary for success, though this typically means working in-house. Ad agencies are often centered in tech hubs/larger cities. I found my first agency job on Craigslist. If I were looking for an entry-level agency today, aside from Craigslist/LinkedIn/Indeed, I would find out what agencies exist in cities I wanted to live in and keep tabs on their posted job opportunities. Once you have the foundation of your skill set and want to move to a remote position, you can find relevant positions on job boards dedicated to remote work (typically under the tag ‘marketing’). Conversely, you can work for yourself building your own clientele via your networks like DNG and LinkedIn.”


How much can I earn as a social media manager?

All the girls we talked to had differing opinions on how much you can make as a social media manager, but they all agreed that it can vary wildly based on the worker and employer. Much of it comes down to how much you are going to charge. Overcharge and you might get fewer clients; undercharge and you might find yourself working nonstop and making no money.

Vicky hit the nail on the head when she said, ‘Like most jobs, this varies on how many years of experience you have. It’s also highly dependent on whether you work for a larger organization/agency or for yourself. I feel the salary range for a strategist with at least three years experience working on larger accounts can earn $50k – $70k USD/year, excluding commission or bonuses at an agency.

Working for yourself is even more variable, but a consultant with the same level of experience as the above can earn $30-$60/hour or more depending on your negotiation skills!”


How do you price your services as a social media manager?

Both Jen and Lisa agreed that they found charging a flat monthly rate to be the best way to go. This way they felt like they didn’t have to write down everything everytime they hopped on Instagram just to do some engagement for a client. They just knew that everything they did for the whole month was already covered.

Vicky however, told us that she charges hourly for her work.


Is it easy to work as a social media manager while travelling?

Lisa said “For the most part it’s a very easy job to do while traveling. All you need is a great data plan and decent internet. I have clients all over the world, so one of my favorite apps is WorldTimeBuddy which helps me manage timezones. You will also need a system to help you manage content like Buffer, HootSuite, MeetEdgar, or Sprout Social to name a few.  A VPN can be important to keep client data safe. I work for a news organization that has a special tweet delivery system that is important I keep secure.”

Jen also shared with us her favorite things about being able to do this job while traveling, “You can structure your work hours around all your adventures. You can even create fun graphics on word swag by the pool or at the beach if you really want – I checked that one off my list for fun ;)”


What would you recommend to other nomad girls who’d like to get started working as a social media manager?

Jen wanted to share with everyone interested in becoming a social media manager that you shouldn’t wait to make your dreams come true! A true inspiration, she was able to start working while traveling before her own social profiles and website were ever set up. She encourages you to start right away if you think this is something that you want to do! She even says, “Whatever level you are at, there is someone who is a few steps behind you and is looking for some help, once you identify where that is you are in business!”

Vicky shared some great advice as well, she said that the best thing you can do is just start now, even if you are just doing some small things for yourself and your friends.

Lisa’s advice for all of you wanting to get started was to pick a niche! That way you can get specialized in your niche, which will make you able to charge more and get more people from that niche seeking you out to work with. She also suggested that you choose a few of the apps to become an expert in. She shared with us that she had to realize that Pinterest wasn’t really going to work for her niche, so she doesn’t bother with it, while, on the other hand, some entire businesses can be marketed just through Pinterest. It’s all about becoming an expert in your area!  


We really hope that this post has opened your eyes to all the possibilities out there for working online. There are so many things that you can do in the field of social media management alone. Take these girls advice and get started right away. The best thing for you is to get experience, which will enable you to gain momentum and grow in your field!

Don’t forget to share this post with other Digital Nomad Girls who might be looking to make the leap into the growing world of Social Media Management.

To learn more about the girls, check out their author bios below!

Jen Casano


Jen is originally from Vancouver BC Canada. She got started by just working off referrals and her side hobby has now turned into a full-time business. Because of this snowball effect, she is just now creating her own social channels and website. She’s a great reminder that you really can start from nothing!

Vicky Walker

Vicky Walker, a social media manager wearing a pretty outfit. Vicky Walker, a social media manager snaps a selfie in another colorful city.

Vicky is from Encinitas, CA, USA. She is currently located in London. She loves working as a Social Media Strategist as she chases her dreams around the world! You can connect with Vicky on LinkedIn.

Lisa Collard

Lisa Collard, a social media manager snaps a selfie in front of some really colorful buildings in Denmark! Lisa Collard, a social media manager sitting in a field of sunflowers. Lisa Collard, a social media manager takes this photo sitting on a camels back in the dessert.

Lisa is an American temporarily in Charlottesville, VA. She just returned from 2 years abroad (Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, Morocco, Italy and more) and is spending time with family before making a permanent move abroad. Check out Lisa’s website and follow her on Instagram here.

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