Recently I’ve been struggling with a common issue for business owners and digital nomads: Decision Fatigue! ?

I’d been trying to decide what kind of content I would like to regularly create for Digital Nomad Girls and I couldn’t decide whether that should be ? video content or a ? podcast.

You might’ve even heard me talk about this before because I’ve been going back and forth about this for literally years and I’m driving myself insane. ?

So instead of doing either videos or a podcast, I’ve been doing nothing because I’ve just been overthinking it, which led me to realize that this is something that I do quite often.

I get frozen by decision fatigue.

But luckily I have a few tools in my magic mindset box ? that I try to use when find myself in this situation.

So I thought, hang on, wouldn’t that be a great topic for a video?  So that’s what I did: I recorded my very first video where I share my top 4 tips on how I deal when I’m overwhelmed with decision fatigue.


If you prefer blog posts over videos, then keep on reading along!

Let’s face it, in business we have to make a lot of decisions all the time, 10 times a day, 100 times a day. ⏰ And as digital nomads even more when we’re planning the next destination, accommodation etc.

We have to decide so many things. A lot of them are really important and that means we often get stuck or at least I get stuck. ?

  • Should I do a podcast or should I do videos? ?‍♀️
  • Should I create a course or a membership site? ?
  • Should I write an ebook or create a PDF? ?

All of these things, every single day, there are so many decisions to make.

How to Stop Overwhelm and Decision Fatigue

So here are my top tips:

Tip #1 to beat Decision Fatigue: Awareness

The first thing is obviously being aware that this is happening, stop and catch yourself: “Oh my God, I’m in this decision fatigue loop. I’m in the downward spiral. I need to get myself out of here. I’m over-complicating everything.

So awareness is number one.

Tip #2: Experiment

The second thing that I like to do, which draws from my background as a scientist ?‍? a little bit, is to really see this as an experiment; because really everything is an experiment in business.

Everything we do, we have to do it for the first time at some point. So this includes, for example, me recording a video like the one above ? (you should totally watch it!).

But if I reframe that to myself, not as, “Oh my God, I have to record my first video” ? but, “Oh, today I have an experiment and that is recording my first video.” Then, there’s a mindset shift around it. ?

And it’s also important to recognise it as experiment #1 because there is always a row of experiments, and you learn more every time.

So as soon as I reframe it as an experiment ?, I’ll try it out, see if I like it, see what happens. This takes a lot of pressure off me.

Tip #3: MVPs or Leaps

Whenever I start overcomplicating things, I ask myself, what is the MVP here? MVP stands for minimum viable product, but I use it for anything I am working on.

So when I’m overthinking, I try to find a way to simplify the problem.

Am I trying to add too many bells and whistles? How can I bring this back to the simplest version that it can possibly be? And that often takes a lot of pressure away again. ?

Now one of my business and personal development heroes is Tara Mohr, who wrote the book Playing Big. And she has a really cool concept in there, which she calls the Leap.

taking the leap tara mohr decision fatigue

The Leap is something that helps you when you get stuck, when you’re over-complicating, when you have a massive project and you don’t even know where to start. ?

Designing a Leap can be really helpful.

A Leap is something that:

  • you can do in one or two weeks
  • is simple enough that you can actually get it done
  • is uncomfortable enough that you have to push yourself a little bit – you have to play big!
  • has to bring you in contact with other people like your ideal audience, readership etc.

So for example, my Leap was to record this video and share it with you and ask you for feedback ? (I’d love if you could leave some on YouTube!).

I really like this tool because it’s small – it stops me from overthinking.

Tip #4: Make it fun!

This one is really, really important: try to make it fun and remember why you’re actually trying to do this thing! ?

Business should be fun, otherwise what’s the point of being in business if you hate it? ?‍♀️ I love running my business and so many aspects of it are really, really fun.

So whenever I find myself in this, “what should I doooo??” panic phase, I’m like, hang on, that’s not fun.

Why am I doing this to myself? How can I make this fun again?

For example, I thought it would be really fun to just whack the webcam on and record this video and just see what happens. ?

Seriously, you should totally watch and subscribe to the DNG YouTube channel > >

So these are my top four tips to help you deal with overwhelm and decision fatigue!

I would absolutely love for you to give me some feedback below. Please let me know in the comments if you liked the video or the tips and if it was helpful!

I’d love to know if you think I should be doing more videos like this, sharing some business ? lessons, some mindset ? lessons, some inspirational stuff ✨, and maybe recapping some of my favourite personal development books and business books ? .

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