DNG Facebook Group Community Rules

This FREE Facebook community is a place for (aspiring) digital nomad girls to connect, share tips, questions, answers, advice, make friends, and most importantly, support each other on our location independent journeys.

This is a large and growing community, which means we have to have some pretty solid group guidelines to make sure it remains a safe, supportive and fun space.


To clarify, we haven’t had many issues in the DNG Facebook group with spamming or people being unfriendly. And that’s how we’d love to keep it as we grow 🙂


We are very dedicated to this group and that’s why we hope you take the time to read the rules and stick to them.


The key admins of this Group are:

Jennifer Lachs (founder of Digital Nomad Girls and creator of this group).

Melissa Packham (Jenny’s right hand and DNG Admin)

Jane Lachs (Admin extraordinaire, and Jenny’s mum)

Deya Aliaga Kuhnle (our latest power admin and volunteer DNG superstar)


By being a part of this community you are agreeing to the rules listed below.



No self-promotion is allowed, except for in our ‘Tuesday Pitches’ thread, or where otherwise explicitly stated (such as in one-off Freebie posts, Promo days etc)

Be sure to check out each other’s work in the ‘Tuesday Pitches’ thread and support one another.

As there’s been some confusion about what qualifies as self-promotion, we’ve come up with this definition:

Definition of self-promotion:

– selling anything – that means products, services, courses, events, programs,

– promoting your webinar or event

– posting a link to your OWN website

– posting affiliate links…ever

– posting your own content in the group and not in a specific (and relevant) thread. This includes posting links to surveys or creating surveys in the group, posting photos with your social handles, URLs or business name on them AND posting “free” offers

– contacting girls in the group by private message to sell or promote anything. If you notice this kind of behaviour, please report it to group@digitalnomadgirls.com immediately (ideally with a screenshot of the message)

You can, however, post your link to your website, group, FB page, webinar, survey, offer and social profiles in the ‘Tuesday Pitches’ thread.


But that’s the only time 🙂


We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.  



There are only two ways to search for people to work with or hire:

– ‘Freelance Friday’ thread within the Group. If you are looking to hire someone to work with you, you post it in that thread. This includes requests for bartering or service exchanges, internships, etc.

Standalone request posts will be deleted outside of the thread.

– If you want more exposure for your job posting, you can post your job offer on our JOB BOARD for an admin fee of $25. We will promote these jobs in the group and/or our newsletter. Submit your job here: https://goo.gl/L15YIn


What is considered Spam

Standalone request posts will be deleted outside of the thread.

– sharing links or images without writing a description in the post. We’ll have to delete those type of post

– posting full blog post content, or a post that is a length of a blog post, even without a link. Come on, now. If we have to scroll, scroll, scroll to read your post- please put that on your blog, not in the group.



No creating videos, posting videos of yourself or streaming LIVE into the Group.

Even if you think that your post is ‘introductory’ in nature or giving ‘value’, our admin team members have to watch each one to make sure it’s relevant and appropriate and that’s not the best use of their time.

Share a written intro with lovely words and possibly even a picture, but no videos.

If you find a video from someone else that’s awesome, great! Create a post and share it.



Do not post in the group and ask people to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help, or to work with you.  

Your comments (and YOU) will have to be removed.



This group has always aimed to be an inclusive, friendly and positive space for women to get to know each other and get advice and support.

Be nice to each other. It’s that simple.

There are enough groups full of internet trolls out there and we are proud to say that our group isn’t one of them. Let’s keep it that way 🙂

Respect people’s feelings, privacy and rights to their work.

If we see that you are rude, disrespectful or spammy…we’ll have to remove you from the group.



If you start your post with ‘this is a rant’ then please don’t write it at all. This is not the place to vent.

That doesn’t mean you can’t share negative or difficult experiences on your travels or in business, but keep it supportive and informative, rather than ranty.



This group thrives on providing and receiving help and support. Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

Ask questions, give answers and share your experiences.

Be the kind of girl you’d want to meet and be friends with on your digital nomad journey.

Remember: We are all here to help each other…so try to give more than you take.



This is a new rule and one that we have to be strict on as it’s taking up more and more of our admins’ time to answer personal messages.

If you have a question about why your post was deleted, if your post is ok or any other question related to this Group, email us at group@digitalnomadgirls.com (but please read these guidelines carefully first).

We ask that you respect the time of our admins and not DM them through Facebook.

We will reply to your email in a timely manner during business hours.


8. Accommodation posts

We have recently changed the rules and accommodation posts are now allowed, but only in our accommodation thread here. If you’re renting out your room/flat/house you can add it in the thread (with a few words about it). No hotels, hostels or any professional accommodation services, please.



1. Don’t come in with a motive.

Instead, show up with the intention to connect, serve and help, not to sell.


2. When creating a post, make it fun, original and helpful.

Please, don’t write a 500-word post with a thinly veiled sales pitch, they won’t be interesting to anyone.


3. Use the search function

Facebook groups have a search function in the left sidebar. Before posting a question, search the group if anyone has asked this in the past. Often times your question has already been answered and you’ll find exactly what you were looking for.


4. Don’t share the same content across 10 different Facebook groups.

Many people belong to those same groups and see your same posts repeated and that says more about you and your business than you realise.


5. If you show up just to post your content and not help out your fellow community members, they notice. And the admins notice.

We know it’s a big group, but people notice these things and it won’t reflect well on you.


6. Share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to others.

If you’re unsure whether you should share a post or not, think about whether it would be helpful to others, too. Or just for you.


To quickly summarise what this group is about:

  • Female Digital Nomads
  • Aspiring Digital Nomad Girls
  • Anyone interested in starting a location independent life, no matter if freelancer, remote employee or online business owner

It is not a group about:

  • Selling (even if we all have products or services to sell)
  • Blogging (even if many of us have blogs)
  • Coaching (even if many of us are coaches)
  • Accommodation (even if we have rooms/apartments/houses to rent, swap or house sit, there are groups for that)


If you don’t agree with ALL of these rules, please feel free to remove yourself from the group.

If we all stick to these rules I’m sure we will have fun in the group for many years to come!


Wow, that was a loooong one! I’m impressed and happy you’re still with me all the way down here 🙂

Now let’s get connecting over in the group. Happy posting, mingling and nomading!




**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. It’s on you to keep up.


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