Updated February 2020


+Looking for some freelance work to become location independent? Here are more than 30 of the best freelancing platforms for Digital Nomad Girls!

Some of the questions I get asked most is ‘where do I find my first freelance job?’ or should I bother with freelancing platforms?. This is a surprisingly controversial topic amongst digital nomads as some swear by freelancing platforms while others wouldn’t touch them with a stick. 

And it is true, it can be hard to get started on a freelancing platform. There’s a ton of competition out there, many jobs are low-paying, and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you have patience, value your worth and write great proposals, there can be gems amongst the sea of jobs on freelancing platforms.

I personally don’t discourage beginners from using them as I got started on Upwork myself. It took a while, and I took a few terrible jobs (super annoying ones) before I figured out how to price myself and find great gigs. But once I got some ongoing clients and well-paying one-off projects, I started actually making money online!


So, if you’re looking for freelance gigs, here are the 30+ best freelancing platforms for Digital Nomad Girls!

General Freelancing Platforms:


Upwork is the best-known freelance platform and was born when Elance and oDesk merged a few years back. It’s also one of the most controversial platforms due to the sheer number of jobs and the often low prices clients are willing to pay.

However, if you set your profile up well (go niche rather than broad) and take some time to pitch the really good jobs, there are some really awesome and well-paid projects to be found.

One of our members said “I have used Upwork for a while. I found it was great way to get clients without having to put myself ‘out there’ too much, which then gave me a bit more confidence.”

Another DNG added that “It took a while to build up a rating but once you get a rating you can get regular work from Upwork without having to do much. Clients invite you to apply or Upwork matches you as a recommendation”

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a popular alternative to Upwork and one many DNG members recommended. One nomad girl wrote “on people per hour I was able to get like 4-6 weekly freelance jobs and it worked great! Definitely recommend it!”


If you are looking for a site that has a variety of jobs, freelancer.com might be a good fit. Just complete your profile and Freelancer will match you to the right jobs.


Fiverr is an on demand marketplace for freelancers to sell their services. The freelancer sets up their gig, gets orders from the client, discusses the details of the order, delivers the work and then gets paid. A simple and easy way of working.


Guru is a platform where both companies and freelancers can browse one another’s profile, collaborate and form a working agreement.


Lesser Known Platforms for Freelancers


LocalSolo allows startups, agencies and companies to hire freelancers in their local community.


Companies post jobs on Outsourcely daily. They also have the ability to search through profiles for freelancers with the exact skill set needed for a specific job.


Truelancer is a freelancing platform specialised in startups, you can even hire a whole team.


WeGrowth is a platform specific for top-notch marketers. Their mission is to help present and promote marketer services to the best startups.

Expert 360

This one’s a secret tip by one of our members.

“One you might not have seen is Expert 360 – it’s like Upwork for management consultants. You have to apply to use it, they want to see top education and loads of relevant work experience.

Most of the gigs are things like large organisational change management, financial analysis, branding, etc, but there’s also a few random things in there too, and pay tends to be high, average about $700-$1000 day rate up to $3000 per day or more for highly experienced ex top tier management consultants.

I’ve only found one job there so far but it was a really good one and has led to repeat work. Oh and it’s free for freelancers – the clients pay to list, we don’t pay to work!!”


This is a freelance website for independent contractors and companies worldwide, both locally and remotely. You can either set up alerts to receive matching jobs as soon as they become available or create a profile that will attract companies to you.

LinkedIn Profinder

This is also very popular and is for any kind of freelance work in any industry (currently only for US Based accounts) 

This is a tool that can be used with your Linkedin account to help you get good job leads. Once your application is accepted, you are able to then submit proposals for jobs that fit your skillset.


This virtual job board has helped many people find work from home jobs since 1999. There are a variety of virtual assistant and other virtual jobs listed.


Freeup helps thousands of businesses hire freelancers from all types of skill sets. From sales and marketing to translation, Freeup has a job for you.

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Top Platforms for Designers:

99 Designs

99 Designs is a graphic design marketplace that connects freelancers with entrepreneurs looking for talented designers to hire.


CrowdSPRING is a platform where designers have a variety of designs to choose from and designers have an opportunity to showcase their skills and find work.


DesignCrowd is another platform that allows designers to custom design jobs for clients and showcase their talent and skills.


Dribble is an excellent community that allows companies and freelancers to connect and collaborate.


Top Platforms for Developers:


Top companies such as Airbnb, Thumbtack, Hewlett Packard, hire from Toptal for their most important projects. Created by engineers, they are passionate about growing a network of freelance developers, designers, finance experts and project managers.


Engineer Babu offers IT services to entrepreneurs to help transform their ideas to reality.


Truelancer offers a simple platform for developers and designers to post their rates and skills and get hired onto projects.


Devcenter allows expert developers to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a reality.


Gun.io connects developers with quality-focused software companies. If you consider yourself a member of the technology community, then Gun.io has a client for you.



Top Platforms for Writers:

Writer Access

This is a great resource for writers!

Freelance Writing Gigs

Once Splashpress Media, this site is a great resource for expert to beginner writers to be successful.

ProBlogger Jobs Board

While not technically a freelance platform, there are many freelance writing jobs posted on here, often well paid and I wanted to include it for the writer DNGs among us.


Contently helps marketers to transform their content and build a loyal audience by hiring talented writers to help scale their business.


Skyword understands the importance of high quality content and offers freelance writers an opportunity to create for businesses looking for something different.


Ebyline is a network for freelance writers, journalists and content creators to get quality work published and out to the world where it belongs.


WIth Clearvoice you can pitch your content, find quality assignments and get paid. It’s that easy.

Textbroker UK and Textbroker US

The Textbroker platforms often have writing jobs across a range of different categories. The pay is lower but it’s a good platform if you’re just getting started or want to build up your experience.

Remote Job Platforms and Boards

Finding a remote job is another alternative to freelancing for digital nomads. A remote job can provide some extra stability and a salary you can rely on. We’ve got a whole blog post explaining all about remote jobs and where to find the best remote jobs here! Go check it out if that sounds like a good option for you.

There you go, here are over 30 of the best freelancing platforms to get you started on your freelance and digital nomad career!

Remember it’s all about quality and quantity. Make sure you take the time to pick a few platforms, set up a great profile and customise each application. And be consistent, try to apply for at least one job every single day as it’s a bit of a numbers game too!

I hope this helps you get some freelance gigs you love and enjoy! If you know any other platforms you love, please comment below and we’ll add them to the list.


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