Digital Nomad Girls Guide to Prague

Digital Nomad Girls Guide to Prague 9

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Prague is making a name for itself as a digital nomad hotspot in Europe. Find out what our DNG guest writer Kelsey had to share about this awesome city.

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Hi Kelsey! Please tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Hi, I’m Kelsey Greene, I’m an avid traveller, creative media producer and passionate educator. I dove into the digital nomad lifestyle in 2017 by accepting a remote position for a US-based marketing company. I was born in Western, New York, and ventured beyond the state after college to live in Rhode Island, Chicago, and most recently Prague. When I’m not working, you can find me horseback riding, kayaking, baking, and of course – exploring new places!


I moved to Prague in February 2018 to teach a course in media literacy at Charles University, so I have only been able to experience the city for a few months so far.



What do you like best about Prague? What makes it special?

Prague is a quaint little capital that will keep you continually amazed. Beyond its gorgeous gothic architecture, vivid red roofs, and bridge-adorned river, the city provides a ceaseless array of scenic parks, hidden beer gardens, and lively nightlife venues.


While there’s lots to do, see, and of course drink in Prague, the city is also a nice base for exploring the rest of Europe, with many affordable buses, trains, and planes providing direct routes to different destinations.


What are the best neighbourhoods in Prague to check out or stay in?

Prague has an abundance of neighbourhoods and districts. Here are a few to check out:

Old Town (Staré Město) – Prague 1

This is the heart of Prague where medieval buildings, modern shopping centres, and monuments all meet. The Old Town Square hosts great markets at Christmas and Easter time. If you like to be amongst the buzz of crowds or hit up crazy clubs any night of the week, this is the place for you.

Lesser Town / Little Quarter (Malá Strana) – Prague 1

This hilly district houses the Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church, Petřín park, diverse embassies, and quaint restaurants and shops. A definite spot to visit, but more expensive to stay.

Vinohrady (Prague 2)

An upscale neighbourhood with ornate houses, this is the where I decided to reside. I’ve enjoyed the convenient location, access to public transit, local feel and nearby parks.

Vyšehrad (Albertov) – Prague 2

This is near the Vltava River, which has become the newest hotspot with boat bars and a Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Holešovice & Letná – Prague 7

The hip, industrial district has some of the best art museums and the largest park, Stromovka. It’s easily accessible with public transportation, making it a viable option for accommodation.

Digital Nomad Girls Guide to Prague 6


What are your favourite places to work in Prague?


La Boheme Cafe – This cafe is nearby for me with friendly staff, nice decor, and good wifi. However, the internet is restricted to a time limit, which is a bit of a downer.


Friends Cafe – A little, hidden gem that is widely referenced among digital nomads in the city for its strong wifi and good environment. It has a greenhouse-like hallway facing a courtyard which is so beautiful and there are also private rooms you can rent for meetings in the back.


Mama Coffee – The local chain to go to for a tasty caffeine kick and multiple locations. The main hub has a second floor with big windows, which I’ve enjoyed working at.


Cafedu – This spot is often referenced as a go-to for wifi with two floors and meeting rooms to rent out, but it gets very crowded with college students in the evenings and on weekends.


What are your favourite places to eat? Are there any special dishes you recommend trying in Prague?


Lokal is a restaurant often referenced by locals, which is intended to re-create the experience of a Communist Era Beer Hall through minimalistic design and food offerings. It serves traditional Czech food made with local ingredients at affordable prices – and the service is good, which isn’t always the case in Prague. Beyond the obvious staple of Pilsner beer, try the fried cheese, homemade sausages, or goulash with sauerkraut and dumplings.

Kozlovna is a local chain of restaurants offering large, hearty Czech dishes at reasonable rates. The service is quick and usually friendly. Their beer menu is extensive and their roast duck is quite good.

I have been to a few other sporadic restaurants throughout the city but often tend to buy food at the local markets or grocery stores for meal preparation. There is a rather large Vietnamese community in Prague, so there are many options for this cuisine as well.


Digital Nomad Girls Guide to Prague 9

Tell us a bit about the average cost of living in Prague from your experience.

Prague is cheaper than the US cities I’ve lived in. Monthly rent varies from $600 – $1,500 depending on the size of apartment and neighbourhood you choose. Public transit for three months cost me about $75. Groceries are reasonable and restaurants are inexpensive if you go to more local spots.

Beer is extremely cheap, costing only $1 for a pint at the bar! Beware, you usually have to pay for water when eating out.


What are your favourite things to do in Prague?

Of course, there’s a lot of traditional sightseeing in Prague. The top attractions include The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, The Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, The National Theater, St. Nicholas Church, and the Jewish Quarter

Free walking tours are available for entertaining and informative overviews of the city (no reservations are required but tips are often encouraged).

Beyond the beaten path, I enjoy:

  • Walking along the riverside and getting drinks from bustling boat bars
  • Taking in amazing city views near Vyšehrad, particularly at sunset
  • Running through Park Folimanka and taking in the sites from the elevated stone wall
  • Exercising in the workout park at Riegrovy sady or chilling in the beer garden
  • Strolling through Havlíčkovy sady or sipping wine at the adorable vineyard in the park

Digital Nomad Girls Guide to Prague 3

When do you think is the best time to visit Prague?

As someone who arrived in Prague in the midst of a fiercely cold winter, I have witnessed the absolute bliss that comes with spring in this city. It seems Prague was made for this season! The pastel buildings perfectly match the budding flowers and the grass-covered hills eagerly invite everyone to stretch out across them in celebration of newfound warmth.

The days can keep you guessing with quick changes in temperatures and precipitation, but the beautiful colours persist rain or shine. As long as you head out the door with an umbrella and light jacket, you should be set to go for the day. If the drizzle turns to downpour, there are many cozy cafes, restaurants and bars to duck into, which also happen to have gardens when the sun makes an appearance again.

While summers in Prague are amazing as well, this is prime tourist time so expect more crowds and higher prices as the city is a rather well-known destination.

I’ll note I have not witnessed fall in Prague, but based on what I’ve gathered, it seems the weather and temperatures are similar to spring.

Is there a digital nomad scene in Prague?

There is a rather active expat scene in Prague, which I have not been heavily involved with, but I have gone to a few Meetups and taken part in the affiliated Facebook groups. Using global female traveller Facebook groups, I’ve been able to meet up with a few international women in Prague, which I’ve really enjoyed.

There’s also a Girl Gone International Group in Prague, you can find them on Facebook here.

And you can find the Prague Digital Nomads Group here.


How would you rate Prague in terms of safety for women travellers?

Prague is very safe for women travelling solo. I have felt comfortable wandering the city alone both in daylight and at night. Sometimes locals get a bad rap for being rude, but no one is intrusive or threatening.

NOTE: Of course, we always recommend using common sense as you would in any other major city in the world.


Thank you SO much Kelsey for sharing this mini guide with us! If you want to find out more about Kelsey you can check out her website and connect with her on social media.




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