I Love Running a Membership Business – But It’s Not for Everyone

Screenshots from Zoom of some of our Membership Events

Last week I was invited to give a presentation as a guest expert in my friends’ Sonia and Melissa’s community for location-independent therapists, LIT. Sonia asked me to share my experience of running a membership community. Usually, I’d freak out, like “what me? what do I know about this?”. But this time I decided to […]

How to deal with overwhelm when working remotely

I don’t know about you, but as a business owner and digital nomad, I often feel totally overwhelmed and out of my depth. So today I thought I’d share some tips on how I deal with overwhelm when it hits. So, yesterday I shared a little poll in the DNG Facebook Group because I wanted […]

DNG presents Online Job of the Month: Online English Teacher

Online Job of the Month Digital Nomad Girls Online English Teacher

  In our new blog series ‘Online Job of the Month’ we share the most interesting online jobs with you. You might think only web developers and graphic designers can be digital nomads. But there are actually a wide variety of interesting (and profitable) jobs out there for aspiring Digital Nomad Girls. This month we will […]

8 Ingredients of a Winning Website for Digital Nomad Girls

8 Ingredients of a Winning Website Divi

Melissa Love is a web design specialist for photographers and she is also the founder of The Design Space, a one-stop design shop which sells beautiful, affordable website templates and courses teaching web design to complete beginners. She is also our featured expert in the DNG Inner Circle this month where she shared her knowledge on […]

10 Digital Nomad Girls Share How they found their first online client

10 Digital Nomad Girls share how they got their first client

We asked and you answered! Find out how these girls got their first online client!   One of the goals of the Digital Nomad Girls Community is to educate and inspire other ladies to join us on our Digital Nomad journeys. We aim to provide you with relevant, useful and inspiring content about what jobs […]

DNG Presents Online Job of the Month: Social Media Manager

In our new blog series we want to share with you all the different and interesting jobs that you can do online. Many people think that only web developers and bloggers can work remotely, when actually there is a growing number of jobs that allow you to go remote. This month we are going to […]

The 7 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

7 freelancing mistakes featured image

Making the decision to become a freelancer is an incredibly exciting time in your life. Freelancing enables you to have more control over the work you do, often allowing for greater creativity and flexibility.   It almost sounds too good to be true, which is why you may be thinking that the title of this […]

Behind the Scenes at the Codeworks Coding Bootcamp in Barcelona

Behind the Scenes at the Codeworks Coding Bootcamp in Barcelona Featured Image (1)

Web or software development is one of the most popular jobs for digital nomads. Despite the huge gender gap in tech, more and more girls are making the leap to become developers. Coding bootcamps are a great way to get started and today we talked to Angelica who completed the Codeworks coding bootcamp in Barcelona.  Hi […]

Freelance Pricing Strategies for Digital Nomad Girls

Freelance pricing strategies for digital nomad girls Featured Image

This is the first part in our new Freelancing 101 series where we’ll talk about all things freelance. Part one is a guest post by the lovely Thalassa van Beek, a freelance social media & content manager and long-time DNG member. How to price your freelance services is one of the most common questions asked […]

Where to Find Remote Jobs – the Ultimate Guide for Digital Nomad Girls

Updated April 2022 We first published this post in 2017 but wow (!) have things changed since then! ? Remote work has become mainstream and there are more opportunities than ever. But still, getting started is always hard, so we updated our handy guide “Where to Find Remote Jobs – the Ultimate Guide for Digital […]