5 Reasons Why We Love Virtual Coworking – and Why You Will, Too!

5 Reasons Why We Love Virtual Coworking – and Why You Will, Too!

Today, let’s talk about coworking and why I love, love love virtual coworking (and what the hell it even is).

First off though, I want to say that I’m a huge fan of coworking. But I hardly ever use coworking spaces. Sounds a bit weird, right?

The truth is, I totally get why coworking spaces work for some people. And in the past, they’ve worked very well for me too.

women on laptop

But now my work is very heavy on live calls, and it’s hard to find a coworking space with private Skype rooms. Plus, I am really extroverted and often I end up chatting more than actually working. #counterproductive

But I also struggle with the same challenges that most Digital Nomads encounter: loneliness and lack of motivation or feeling really unproductive.

I simply miss having colleagues, people to bounce ideas around, vent when I’m having a crappy day at work or share my wins when I’m having a good one.

Thankfully, I found an awesome way to get all the benefits of coworking, without having to change out of my pyjamas or pay hundreds of dollars for a desk every month.

Enter: Virtual Coworking.

Virtual or online coworking is a new trend amongst remote workers and freelancers and I think it’s here to stay. In the DNG Inner Circle we virtually cowork together all the time and I get so many questions about it that I thought I’d share why it’s awesome.

Here are 5 reasons why we love virtual coworking – and you will, too!

First, what the heck is virtual coworking anyway?

Virtual coworking means meeting online with one or more other real people (no robots involved… yet) to get some work done, hold each other accountable, and ideally make some new friends and build a professional network.

In the Inner Circle, we meet via Zoom for 2 hours at a time, set our goals and then work in Pomodoros. It’s fun, it’s productive and it’s totally location independent.

And here’s why this is so awesome:

1. Accountability from anywhere

If you’re anything like me, you might have days where you feel super motivated and get lots done before it’s even lunch time.

But on other days, I end up binge watching the Gilmore Girls until 2 pm or meet friends for a 3-hour brunch. On a Tuesday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this flexibility and it’s great to be able to do this once in a while. But when it gets a habit, it’s not productive anymore and I start to feel guilty.

woman working

The lack of structure and accountability we have a digital nomads is super exciting in the beginning, but after the novelty has worn off, it can actually be a huge burden.

If I’ve learned anything in the 5 years that I have been traveling, it’s that accountability matters.

Virtual coworking is a great way to add accountability to your life, no matter where you are, how long you’re staying or whether there’s a big nomad scene.

Knowing that there are other girls working at the same time, getting their work done, is extremely motivating. And by incorporating virtual coworking sessions into your days, you start creating a bit of a routine, which can help so much with feeling overwhelmed or unproductive.

2. Make new friends

This is definitely my favourite part of virtual coworking, it’s a fantastic way to make new friends.

When I say loneliness is one of the biggest challenges not only digital nomads face, but most people who are self-employed or business owners, I’m not exaggerating.

Working by yourself every day sucks a bit, but it’s not always avoidable.

Over the past year or so I have made so many new friends during our coworking sessions, I can’t even count them.

Girls from all around the world join in and they all understand each other’s struggles, help each other out, ask for feedback, hire each other and yes, make friends.

And the great part is, these friends travel with you virtually wherever you go.

3. Get feedback

When I used to work in a lab and hit a road block, the first thing I’d do was to share it with my lab mates. Sometimes they had faced the same problem already and could point me in the right direction, other times we tried to figure out a solution together.

It was fun to be able to bounce ideas around, get and give feedback and generally work together, even if we all had totally different projects we were working on. We still had each others’ backs.

women working together

When I started working online, I very quickly realised that I was pretty much alone with my questions. That’s why I started DNG in the first place. And virtual coworking spaces take this concept much further than a normal online community could.

During our coworking sessions, we see each other face to face but we can also share screens and links. We’ve audited each other’s websites, helped design workbooks, tweaked web copy and tonnes more.

It’s so great to have a space and bunch of women to ask these things in real time.

4. No more bye-bye’s

If you’ve been around the digital nomad block for a little while already, then you’ve probably tried out a few coworking spaces.

But they are really quite peculiar if you think about it. We want nothing more than escape the cubicle and once we have, we then pay good money to go work at an office.

Of course, I totally get the pros of coworking, I’ve had many a coworking session which was fun and productive.

digital nomad girls coworking

But the big problem is, as soon as you say goodbye to your current location and move on to new shores, you’re gonna have to start totally from scratch.

It can be quite disheartening and even take a while to feel settled again. You have to reintroduce not only yourself every time you move, but also your business.

I found it easy to lose momentum.

What I love about virtual coworking is that you never have to say your bye-byes anymore. Because you can work together from anywhere in the world, you can stay up to date on each others projects and challenges and help each other out.

5. Get sh*t done

And last but not least, you get lots done. Even though our sessions are just a few hours long, we get tonnes done because we set goals together, check in regularly and also get much better at judging how long certain tasks actually take.

The girls use the virtual coworking sessions for all sorts of tasks, from boring admin tasks that need to get ticked off, to creative work. Others have written whole online courses over multiple sessions, or used the time to pitch new clients.

It’s totally up to you what you work on and the focused time can be beneficial to all sorts of tasks.

woman coffee laptop digital nomad

For example, I love writing my newsletters during virtual coworking, but I also often do customer support, emails or batch social media content.

After a few sessions, you’ll get the hang of what tasks you like to tackle.

So, is it time to try out some virtual coworking yourself?

There you have it, virtual coworking is awesome and definitely a trend that’s here to stay.

So where can you try out virtual coworking? You can either make a virtual coworking date with a friend, of even better, join our virtual coworking community, the DNG Inner Circle!


We have coworking sessions almost every day now, hosted either by myself or a member. Plus we do other fun ways to foster real community for us nomad girls, like live Q&As, Virtual Mixer Parties, our Book Club Meetups, Monthly Goal Setting and lots more fun stuff.

Check out the Inner Circle here and join us today! We’ll be coworking together in no time!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about virtual coworking or the Inner Circle!

love virtual coworking digital nomad girls

25+ Inspiring and Empowering Female Leaders

25+ Inspiring and Empowering Female Leaders

We recently had an amazing discussion in our Digital Nomad Girls community about our members’ favorite female leaders in online business, personal development or lifestyle; ladies that they actively follow and whose content they love!

I’m not going to write too long of an intro as this blog post is all about featuring these awesome women. So without further ado, here are 26 truly inspiring women that are dominating in their field.

Carrie Green

Carrie Green is one of my personal favorites! She’s the amazing founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and such a business role model!

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Brene Brown

Dr. Brene Brown studies courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. She has written incredible books and given inspiring talks that we love!

Ted Talk | Website | Books

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a highly successful motivational speaker, CEO of The Confidence Project and inspiring author of The 5 Second Rule.

Website | Book | Audible Series | Ted Talk

Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, a motivational speaker, mom of 4, and founder of the Chic Site and the Hollis Company.

Website | Book | Instagram

Oprah Winfrey

Does Oprah really need a blurb? She’s Oprah! Television host, actress, philanthropist, producer, public figure. Oprah is everything.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Julie Stoian

Julie is the founder of Create Your Laptop Life and a digital marketing expert. She has helped 1,000’s of people launch their online businesses!

Website | Podcast | Facebook

Paula Pant

Paula Pant is the founder of the award-winning website AffordAnything.com and specializes in money, business and real estate investing!

Website | Podcast | Instagram

Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Judgment Detox, a speaker and a self proclaimed ‘spirit junkie’!

Website | Book | Instagram

Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie Ajayi is a fabulous speaker and New York Times Bestselling author of I’m Judging You.  She was also crowned “America’s 50 Most Influential Women” by Marie Claire in 2016!

Website | Ted TalkPodcast | Book | Instagram

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is the #1 NY Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic and gave one of my favorite Ted Talks ever!

Website | Ted Talk | Instagram | Books

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a true celebrity in the online business world and a top-level online marketing expert with a brilliant podcast that we love. 

Website | Podcast | Instagram

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is online business royalty, for sure. She’s a CEO, writer and host of her award-winning show MarieTV! We LOVE her.

Website | MarieTV | Instagram

Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, mom, blogger, and one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100!

Website | Book | Instagram

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a bestselling author, CEO of Motivating the Masses, media personality and motivational speaker!

Website | Youtube | Facebook

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a NYT Bestselling Author, lecturer, entrepreneur and activist! She specializes in self-help and self-development.

Website | Ted Talk | Books

Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon is the creator of the popular podcast – Ctrl Alt Delete. She’s also a Sunday Times Bestselling author of The Multi-Hyphen Method

Website | Podcast | Book | Blog

Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil is an Emmy Award winner, best-selling author and founder of She Takes On The World. What CAN’T this girl do?

Blog | Book | Facebook | She Takes on the World TV

Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero is the amazing #1 NY Times Bestselling author of You are a Badass! She’s also a wonderful motivational speaker and all around badass!

Website | Book | Instagram

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the famous founder of Nasty Gal, CEO of Girl Boss, and NY Times Best Selling Author of #GIRLBOSS.

Girl Boss | Instagram | Book | Facebook

Michelle Obama

We love, love, love Michelle Obama, especially after reading her memoir – Becoming Michelle Obama. Highly recommended from our team!

Website | Book | Facebook

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a business consultant, keynote speaker, adjunct professor at Duke University and author of Entrepreneurial You.

Website | Ted Talk | Book | Youtube

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is an entrepreneur with a truly beautiful soul. She runs an awesome, top-rated podcast and has amazing resources for business owners!

Website | Podcast | Instagram

Ritu Bhasin

Ritu Bhasin is a speaker, consultant and author of The Authenticity Principle. Her passion is to help others become more empowered and inclusive.

Website | Book | Videos

Michelle Sun

Michelle Sun is an entrepreneur, speaker and one of Forbes 30 under 30! She is also the CEO of First Code Academy and an instructor at MIT. So cool!

Website | Blog | Instagram

Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge is an author, writer and the awesome CEO and founder of The Middle Finger Project. She and her blog are AMAZING, just FYI. 

Website | Blog | Instagram

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle runs a popular Youtube channel where she shares beautifully-edited and shot videos about her life as a digital nomad – both the good and the bad!

Website | Youtube | Instagram

20+ Physical and Digital Holiday Gift Ideas For Digital Nomad Girls

20+ Physical and Digital Holiday Gift Ideas For Digital Nomad Girls

2018 honestly flew by for me; it feels like just yesterday I launched the Inner Circle, but it’s actually been a full year since I first opened the doors back in December 2017! Isn’t that crazy? (By the way, the doors to the Inner Circle are open for joining again! YAY.)

Not only that, we are in the festive holiday season once again! Anybody else love the chilly winter evenings, cozied up on the couch with a warm cup of hot cocoa and fuzzy socks on? I’m spending Christmas this year in sunny Chiang Mai, Thailand so while part of me misses my winters in Germany, the other part of me is also so happy to be able to celebrate Christmas here with my boyfriend and friends in Southeast Asia.

Anyway, I don’t want to delay this blog post any further. I’m really excited about this article because I know gift-giving can be a stressful activity for many as you spend hours googling, researching and finding that perfect gift for a loved one.

So we’ve put together the perfect gift guide for digital nomad girls, physical and digital gifts included, to help you score the best gifts this holiday season. I hope this article helps you in your gifting adventures!

Physical and digital holiday gifts for digital nomad girls Pin (1)


1. Compass Rose Travel Accessories by Travel Fashion Girl

I’m so excited to share this gift with you ladies. This was created by one of my good friends, Alex from Travel Fashion Girl! The Compass Rose Travel Accessories Kit consists of some really awesome packing cubes (if you know me, you know I LOVE packing cubes).

Travel Packing Cubes with Unique Number AND Color Coded Organization System for Packing Carry On, by Travel Fashion Girl

The packing cubes even come with a color-coded system and numbers to label everything; the inner organization lover in me is so happy with these features! Not only that, it’s the only packing cube set on the market to be designed specifically to fit international carry-on suitcases, so if you’re a carry-on girl (I’m trying to be one!) then these are perfect for you.

What?! So awesome.


2. Small Bamboo Utensil To-Go Set

I know that as digital nomads, we may often times struggle with reducing our carbon footprint; I always aim to try to offset as much environmental damage as I can. That’s why I am obsessed with this small Bamboo Utensil To-Go Set from Farawild.

Bamboo Utensil To-Go Set gift guide digital nomad girls

This Bamboo Set includes a bamboo fork, a bamboo spoon, bamboo chopsticks, a bamboo straw, a stainless steel cleaning brush and a linen pouch; everything that you could need for your traveling food adventures.

The bonus? The founder of Farawild is also a fellow Inner Circle member – Meredith! Yay!


3. Mogics Circular Power Strips

This product was suggested by one of our Inner Circle members, Susannah, as something she never travels without!

Susannah says, “It’s a power strip but it’s circular and can be rolled up. You can plug multiple bulky chargers in at once and they won’t interfere! The adaptor in the center is a worldwide plug.

mogics power strip travel gift guide digital nomad girls

As a traveller with multiple gadgets that needs to be able to work anywhere and everywhere, I’m always thinking about how to keep my laptop and phone alive – the Mogics Power Strips looks like it’d be super useful for traveling and keeping all your gadgets juiced up! Thanks Susannah!


4. Charity Pot by Lush

Lush products are my saviors when I travel; I love all things LUSH because they’re eco friendly, use recycled pots (you can return yours to the store), don’t test on animals and are mainly vegan.

Charity pot is especially incredible because it’s a lovely body lotion that supports different causes with every sale. There’s even one that supports reforestation projects to offset your flight miles! It’s a win-win for you and for the environment.

charity pot lush gift guide digital nomad girls

Annnnnd they JUST came out with a solid version of Charity Pot, so say goodbye to worrying about liquid limitations from airlines! 


5. Kosan Travel Dress

Ahhhh – we’ve seen this dress absolutely everywhere and we’re obsessed. The Kosan Travel Dress was created by one of our own DNG members when she couldn’t find the perfect dress to take traveling. This dress has done splendidly on Kickstarter; they had a goal of CA$15,000 and raised CA$915,439! Congratulations Karyna!

kosan travel dress gift guide digital nomad girls

This dress is wrinkle-resistant, odour-blocking, adjustable and packed with pockets (I loooove dresses with pockets!), and has 14 travel-friendly features that make it the must-pack travel essential.


6. Get Dirty with Me Cleansers

get dirty with me cleanser leah gift guide digital nomad girls

The Get Dirty with Me products are made by one of our own Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle members – Leah! These awesome clay-based powders help detox and repair your skin and hair, with healthy and pronounceable ingredients free from sulphates, parabens and polymers.

get dirty with me gift guide digital nomad girls

Good for you + Easy to travel with = Total winner in my books!


7. Asana Pillow: Neck Pillow & Travel Yoga Mat in One

Another cool product carried by Farawild is the Asana Pillow. It’s a neck pillow AND a travel yoga mat in one. What more can a digital nomad girl ask for?

asana pillow farawild gift guide digital nomad girls

As someone who loves to do yoga on-the-go, finding a yoga mat that fits into my carry-on without displacing too much of my clothes or books is so, so hard. Plus, having an awesome neck pillow for those long-haul flights or bumpy bus rides can be a true lifesaver.


8. Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

First of all – how cool does this Flight 001 4-in-1 adapter look?

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter gift guide digital nomad girls

It honestly looks an adaptor made out of legos or something – too cool. Second – name a digital nomad that wouldn’t love a good adaptor to accompany them on their travels.


9. Amazon Kindle

You can’t go wrong with a Kindle. Easy to pack, easy to travel with, and a true ride-or-die friend of any reader. I love my Kindle, and I take it everywhere with me: to the beach, on the plane, to cafes, and on all of my digital nomad adventures.

amazon kindle gift guide digital nomad girls

I had to give up the luxury of books and buying books when I became a digital nomad, but the Kindle has really stepped in to substitute for all the books I used to have. It’s just the best.


10. Packing List for the organized traveller

This one is just a little bit of stationery fun to be honest. If you have a little to-do list and travel lover on your gift list, this Packing List is the cutest present you can get them.

pack this list gift guide digital nomad girls

This little pad includes all the things that one would need for traveling including travel aids, funds, travel information, clothes and hygiene products. There are items on this list that even I want to add to my own travel packing list! Plus, you can use a fresh sheet for every trip.


11. Burt and Bee’s Mini Travel Set

The Burt and Bee’s Mini Travel Set is a cute little affordable gift for any traveler! I love Burt and Bee’s products because of their 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

burt bee mini travel set gift guide digital nomad girls

This kit comes with the cream cleanser, day lotion, deep cleansing cream, body lotion, foot cream and hand repair cream (aka. Anything and everything you could need to pack with you on a trip, especially to the colder weather countries.)


12. Headphone Splitter

Did you know these were a thing? I only recently found out. The headphone splitter is SO fun if you travel with a significant other, friend or family member and you want to listen to the same music or watch the same movie or TV show but don’t want to do that whole one-headphone-in-one-ear-each awkward sharing thing. That’s no fun.

elago headphone splitter digital nomad girls gift guide

A headphone splitter is exactly what it sounds like – you can plug in two pairs of headphones to the same device and both be listening to the same audio but with the comfort of having your own headphones in!


13. Portable Ink-Free Printer

One of our DNG members suggested adding this printer to her Christmas list this year because it looks like a super portable way to print photos while you’re traveling. And guess what? This Portable Ink-Free printer from Canon would be amazing for scrapbooking your travel adventures. Grab your scrapbook, get your phone and start printing your awesome pics out with this ink-free printer.

canon wireless bluetooth printer gift guide digital nomad girls

You can also make vision boards, collages or just send your pics back to your family and friends while you’re on the road. There’s something special about having a physical print-out of a picture rather than just having them all loaded in your phone!


14. Compass Travel Necklace

I was just browsing Etsy, as one does, when I came upon this super cute compass travel necklace! I love the message that it comes with, because it is such a lovely gift to give to a friend or family member that is about to embark on a travel journey!

safe travels compass necklace gift guide digital nomad girls

It’s small, light and easy to take with you as a reminder of home and the people you love. Plus it looks like it would go with just about any outfit! Too cute.


15. Manduka Eko Super Lite Travel Yoga Mat

manduka yoga mat digital nomad girls gift guide

I love my Manduka Eko travel yoga mat! I’ve had it for 2.5 years already and it’s like new, despite traveling with me everywhere i go. It’s made from natural rubber so it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t smell like plastic like other yoga mats. It’s also super slip resistant, and I can roll it up or fold it and stick it in my suitcase.


Best Digital Gifts for a Digital Nomad Girl

1. Tinggly

When my Project Manager, Deya, sent me this website to check out – I did such a happy dance, because what an AMAZING idea for a digital gift!

Tinggly allows you to gift experiences to your friends, families, long-distance besties so, so easily! All you have to do is buy a gift card and the person you give it to is able to choose from 500+ experiences from over 100+ countries in the world. They also have 5 years to use the gift card!

Some examples of experiences include hot air balloon rides, whale watching in Canada, overnight boat experience in Thailand, Balinese spa experience, snorkeling adventure in Turks and Caicos, Hawaii coffee plantation and bee farm experience, Chichen Itza Full-Day Experience in Mexico, Harry Potter studio experience, and SO much more.

If Tinggly isn’t the PERFECT digital nomad gift, honestly I don’t know what is.


2. Donations

A gift that you can never go wrong with is a donation to a charity or cause that your loved one cares deeply about! This is also a fabulous gift for our minimalist and no-waste friends! Make a donation in their name, and give them the certificate or confirmation of donation!

Check out this blog post written by DNG Inner Circle member, Sophia, about best ways to offset your carbon footprint as a digital nomad. The organization that she mentions is called Cool Earth, and you can find them here.

Another cool organization you can support is a non-profit founded and run by one of our own Monisha, a Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle Member. (BTW How awesome are our members? Seriously.) She runs Ruam Chuay, a non-profit that aims to stop gender-based violence by bringing sexual violence prevention programs to Thailand. Monisha offers amazing workshops at high schools all over Thailand to teach teenagers consent and healthy relationships. Check her out here!

One final recommendation is Girls Get Equal from Plan International – we love what they do and how they do it!


3. Inner Circle Membership

Guess what? The Inner Circle doors are officially opened once again! I’m SO excited about this. If you have a digital nomad girl in your life or an aspiring digital nomad girl, gift them a membership to the amazing Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle! Or better yet – gift yourself the membership. 😉

DNG Inner Circle banner digital nomad girls

We have weekly coworking sessions, accountability buddies, fun events like book club, mixer parties and holiday parties, and our own private social media platform – we’re your family on the road.

Check out all the information on the Inner Circle here – we’d LOVE to have you or your loved one. If you want to gift a subscription, feel free to email my team and we’ll set it up for you as well!


4. Digital Books

Who doesn’t love a good digital book for their Kindle or as an audiobook? Here are my top book obsessions right now:

These are all available on digital and physical formats, so take your pick! 🙂


5. Giftcard

Gift cards are not the most personal gift, but they can be if you give something practical and useful that’s perfect for a loved one.

Some digital nomad and travel favorites would be an Airbnb gift card or an Uber gift card – you know that these gift cards would never go to waste!

  • Airbnb giftcards can be found here.
  • Uber giftcards can be found here.

If you want to check out more gift card options, here are all the gift cards you can find on Amazon – I’m surprised that there’s such a huge variety, actually. So go forth and find something that’s the perfect fit for the person you’re gifting!


6. Audible

Have a friend that lives halfway across the world but still want to get her something special? What about gifting them an audiobook subscription? They can pick out whatever books they want to listen to all thanks to you!

Also, what a fabulous on-the-go gift for traveling on busses, airplanes, trains, boats or in cars! You don’t even need wifi – that’s wild.


7. Spotify

Who doesn’t love some good tunes? Grab someone a Spotify membership so that they can enjoy Spotify completely ad-free in 2019. You can pick up a Spotify gift card in your local store and just send the pin code on the card with the gift receiver!

Happy jammin’ to them!


8. Masterclass

I’ve been seeing this website everywhere nowadays; they offer online classes from Annie Leibovitz, Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, R.L. Stine and every other celebrity you can really think of. This looks like it’d be a cool little gift you could get someone if they were a big fan of one of these celebrities and would be interested in learning their skill from them!

Carole, one of our Inner Circle members, was given a Masterpass from Masterclass last year and loved it! She says it was the perfect nomad gift. You can gift a loved one a Masterpass or just single course that you know they would love.

We hope you loved these gifts and will get them for your nomad girl friends! Happy Holidays!

Physical and digital holiday gifts for digital nomad girls Pin (1)

10 Fun ways to get involved in the DNG Community

10 Fun ways to get involved in the DNG Community

I can’t even believe it’s been three years since I started Digital Nomad Girls and the Facebook Group. What started as a fun way to meet new people and ask some questions has turned into a full-time passion project, business and movement of girls from around the world. I get so many lovely emails and messages every day and one of the questions I get asked all the time is “How can I get involved in the DNG Community”. Well, I thought it’s about time that I put some ideas together for all of you who want to get stuck in!

Of course, you can decide how involved you want to be. Maybe you love organising meetups, or you’re more of a quiet person who prefers to hang out in our Facebook Group. Maybe you want more in-depth connections and accountability in our DNG Inner Circle. There’s no right or wrong way, so pick and choose whatever works best for you!


10 Fun ways to get involved in the DNG Community:


1. Join our FREE Facebook Group!

That’s definitely the starting point and also how it all began. I created the DNG Facebook Group in August 2015 as a way to connect with like-minded girls who also wanted to become digital nomads and to ask them lots of questions and hear their stories. Fast-forward three years and we’re a bustling community with over 17k girls from literally all corners of the planet.

Every day there are interesting conversations about all aspects of the nomad lifestyle, important feminist topics, or travelling in general. We have pretty strict rules (read them here before you join) and our admins make sure everyone plays by them. That way we make sure the FB group stays a fun, safe and supportive place for new and established nomad girls alike.

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community Pic 2


2. Download our free motivational desktop wallpaper for 24/7 inspiration

Feeling like you could do with a little inspiration while working at your laptop? Download one of our 5 free motivational desktop wallpapers with pretty photos and cute quotes. My favourite is the flamingo wallpaper…or maybe the one with the palm trees…not sure! Which do you like?

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community Pic 1 (1)


3. Keep in touch by email and receive our awesome weekly newsletter every Friday

“Another newsletter?” I hear you yawn, but don’t worry, this is a fun one! I started the newsletter as a way to keep everyone up to date on our events inside the FB group and local meetups, and now I also share inspiration, blog posts and my own journey of running a location independent business. If you want the rundown on what’s going on, but don’t have time to check in to Facebook every day, sign up here to stay in the loop.


4. Check out our interview series

I think there’s no better way to get inspired and learn about the digital nomad lifestyle than reading real-life stories from real-life digital nomad girls who are already living their dream. A great starting point is our 3-part blog post “50 DNGs share their Online Jobs”, where we show you more than 50 jobs of real girls in our community that you can do from anywhere in the world.


5. Join the DNG Inner Circle for more support & accountability

Whenever I ask other Digital Nomad Girls what their biggest struggle is, it’s usually loneliness and a lack of accountability. I totally get it, it’s hard to stay productive and motivated when you’re your own boss and move around a lot. That was the main reason I created the DNG Inner Circle, I wanted to create a special place for those of you who want to get more out of DNG, like accountability, learning, and working together. I call it the Virtual Coworking Community that travels with you!

We run virtual coworking sessions together, a guest expert creates a mini-course on a different topic every month, we have monthly goal setting, travel talks, live Q&As, monthly habit challenges, and much more! If you’re ready to join us, the doors will open soon. Sign up to the waitlist here.

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community Pic 5 (1)


6. Tag us in your nomad photos on Instagram

Are you more of a ‘grammer than a Facebooker? Then tag us in all your wonderful nomadic and adventurous pics on Instagram (#digitalnomadgirls). You can find us @digitalnomadgirls and we love re-posting our favourite shots from all around the world. I especially like the #viewfrommyoffice kinda pics and showing the reality of the DN lifestyle, not just droolworthy Insta shots (although we love to share those once in a while too!).

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community Pic 6


7. Organise a meetup in your city

Online friends are awesome, but nothing beats meeting them in real life! That’s what our local DNG meetups are for. If you’d love to meet girls in a new city, why not host one yourself? We help you setup a Facebook event, so you can share it easily and make awesome new DNG friends locally! Let us know where you’d like to host your meetup here.

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community Pic 7


8. Join us at one of our retreats

The DNG retreats were born as an idea in our Facebook Group in 2016 and just a few months later the idea turned into reality at our first ever retreat in Javea, Spain. For one week, 14 DNGs from 10 countries masterminded, coworked, explored and, most importantly, made friends for life. It was probably my favourite week ever! We’ve run 3 retreats (check out our past retreats here) in total and are planning more events starting in early 2019.

Sign up for our retreat waiting list and newsletter here so you’re among the first to find out where we’ll be heading next!

DNG Retreat Javea 2017 Group photo


9. Share your favourite digital nomad destination

We love finding out about awesome destinations for digital nomad girls around the world. And what’s the best way to do that? Well, ask people who’ve been there of course! We have awesome mini destination guides on favourite nomad cities around the world, if you’d like to share your top destination with us, fill in the guest blogger form here.


10. Show you’re a DNG with our new Swag

After soooo many of you asked me where to get a DNG t-shirt like the ones we wear at our retreats, I finally set up a DNG Swag Shop on our website. You can now get your hands on our awesome DNG tank tops, tote bags or t-shirts, which are perfect for travel days and airport wear and identify you to other DNGs wherever you travel.

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There you go! These are 10 fun ways to get involved in the DNG Community, and I’m sure there’s something for everyone! If you have other awesome ideas for DNG, why not jump into the Facebook Group and share them with me!


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10 Badass female explorers to spark your wanderlust

10 Badass female explorers to spark your wanderlust

One thing that I love about The Digital Nomad Girls Community is its ability to bring women together from all over the world. Women empower women, I truly believe and love that saying. That being said, today we are going to share 10 of the most badass female explorers to help spark your wanderlust!


Next time you are debating whether or not you should book that ticket, get on that plane, or see that country, remember these women and let them fuel your next adventure!

10 Female Explorers


1. Lady Hester Stanhope

First up when talking about adventure and wanderlust filled lives… We have, Lady Hester Stanhope. This woman is a bit wild, she left England behind at the age of 33 to travel throughout Turkey, Greece, France, and Germany. However, in route to Egypt, she gave up all of her womanly belongings, donned men’s attire and took off into the desert. She even was able to convince the Ottoman’s to let her excavate the ruins of Ashkelon, where she found a headless marble statue that she then ordered to be crushed to bits…

Source : Wikimedia

2. Jeanne Baret 

Secondly, I want to share with you the first woman to sail around the entire world! In 1776 one Miss Jeanne Baret had to disguise herself as a man in order to get on a ship and see the world. Jeanne was a botanist who wanted to explore the world right alongside the men, so she became the personal assistant to Louis Antoine de Bougainville. During these years she called herself Jean Baret and a decade later she had become the first woman to sail around the entire world.

Source : Wikimedia

3. Kira Salak

Up in number 3 we are celebrating Kira Salak. She was not only the first woman to traverse Papua New Guinea but she also cycled from Alaska to the Arctic Ocean and kayaked solo from the Niger River Timbuktu. This woman is absolutely killing it! She is an American writer and adventurer, having written a few books about her adventures. She also writes often for National Geographic.

4. Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell is an easy inspiration for everyone. As an English writer, she inspires all through her travels. She volunteered with the Red Cross during World War II and afterward went into a career in politics. Gertrude helped shaped the world today as we know it. She is best known for her travels in Greater Syria, Arabia, Jordan and Iraq where she not only explored but also mapped these regions as they are now recognized.

Source : Wikimedia

5. Mary Kingsley

Next, we have an inspiring European woman who traveled to parts of West African when most women wouldn’t even walk the streets of London alone. Mary Kingsley started traveling at the age of 30 when family members that she was taking care of passed away. She headed to West Africa, being the first European to enter Gabon.

Source : Wikimedia

6. Marin Minamiya

Marin comes next! This 19-year-old student became the youngest Japanese person to climb Mount Everest! She has also reached both North and South poles and since climbed the highest peaks on all 7 continents! Talk about inspiring… I can barely be motivated to walk up the stairs these days… 😉

7. Barbara Hillary 

And one of the biggest badasses EVER. Barbara Hillary was the first African American woman to reach the North and South Pole.However, what makes her expedition truly amazing is that the lung cancer survivor was 79 years old when she reached the South Pole in 2011. Hillary is now inspiring other women as a motivational speaker, as she should be! Wow!

8. Suzanne Al Houby

Next, we have one of my favorites! This badass was the first Arab women to hike all 7 summits. Suzanne Al Houby, a Palestinian-born adventure lover. Suzanne is an avid traveler and explorer, a humanitarian, and an environmentalist with an affiliation and a keen support to few charity organizations. She is the founder and the CEO of rahhalah explorers which specializes in adventure travel and she encourages kids all over the world to get off their phones and get into the mountains.

Source : Wikimedia

9. Valentina Tereshkova

Next up we have Valentina Tereshkova. Valentina was the first woman to ever enter space. Her love for space was solidified when she circled the Earth 48 times in 1961. You know if there was a one-way exhibition to Mars, she’d be the first one on board. Valentina was born in central Russia and left her career in textiles to pursue a life in space!

Source : Wikimedia

10. Cassie De Pecol

Lastly, we are just going to dub her the travel queen! Cassie De Pecol not only became the first documented woman to travel to every to every sovereign nation, but she was also spreading love and peace around the world as she went. If no one else inspires you to travel, Cassie should.  

This 27-year-old spent 2 years traveling to every sovereign nation, getting valid documentation of her travels while also collecting water samples, visiting schools, and teaching of peace as she went. I encourage you to follow her adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

These women are definitely going to spark your wanderlust and hopefully, they will inspire you to push yourself to the limits, try new things and explore new corners of the world. Never let people tell you that you can’t do something because you are a woman! Do it anyway, and better than they ever could have. Then the women of the future will be including you in their inspiring posts! Most of all, just don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, no matter how wild they might seem.

A Happy International Women’s Day on that note!!

Pin to inspire other ladies!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls

Tis’ the season to be jolly travelling! Holiday season is prime travel time and also gift time. But unlike most people, this can be a time for dread and fear for Digital Nomads.  

Why, do you ask? There’s always one relative or well-meaning friend who decides to give us a coffee table book as a present, something along the lines of  “Destinations of  Lifetime”, “Humans of New York” or the more obscure: “Underwater Dogs”. And while everyone loves a good coffee table book, most nomads don’t own a home, never mind a coffee table to store these weighty gifts on.

So, this year, I thought I’d put together a list of cool. nomad-friendly gifts so you can send your friends and family some ideas. I’ve divided the gifts into physical and digital gifts (for the extra light traveller) and I hope you like them.

P.s. some of these links are affiliate links, so if you buy something via the link I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Basically a little holiday gift for DNG 🙂 Win-win!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls

First, up our favourite gift this season:

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Inner Circlepng (1)

Membership to the DNG Inner Circle

That was actually my mum’s idea. She thought an annual membership to our DNG Inner Circle would be a lovely gift to ask for this year and I totally agree 🙂

The DNG Inner Circle is our brand new membership network: a virtual coworking community that travels with you wherever you go! I wanted to create a space where you can come for advice, learn from experts and where we’ll hold each other accountable and work towards our goals together. As a member you’ll get access to monthly masterclasses with experts, monthly live Q&As, monthly goal setting sessions, a dedicated community, virtual coworking days, workbooks, member-only perks & discounts and much more!

Annual membership is now available at the Early Bird price of only $220 and this price will be locked in and never go up as long as you’re a member. (Monthly membership is available for $22/month).


Physical gifts:


Stocking Fillers

Cable Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos, right? But have you heard of a cable taco? These brilliant little inventions look just like little tacos and help you keep all your cords tidy. I love mine and have avoided serious cable tangling ever since using it. Here’s a great selection of cable tacos.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Freelancer At Work Sticker (1)

Freelancer at Work Stickers

Created by one of the nomad girls in our community, Martina. These stickers are a super clever way to advertise your services while working at coworking spaces or in cafes. There’s a whole range of different job titles a they’re a great way to spark a conversation with potential future clients. Get your own sticker here.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Get Dirty With Me

Get Dirty With Me

Not only is the name amazing, but this magic little powder shampoo might just change the way us nomads wash our hair for good. Another creation by one of our lovely DNG members, Leah has created this shampoo as a one-stop fix for all your washing needs. Can’t be bothered to wash your hair or want to freshen up after a long flight? Use it as a dry shampoo. Ready to hit the shower? Lather it up and use as normal shampoo. You can also use it on your skin if you’re a little hot and sweaty, as a face scrub and a soothing mask for a sunburn. It packs flat, is all natural and not tested on animals and made in Australia.

Bonus: if you use the coupon code DNG before December 25th you’ll get 3 free mini packs with your purchase! The minis are the perfect size to toss in your day bag. Check it out here and get it for all your nomad friends.


All time Favourite Nomad Gifts

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Kindle

Amazon Kindle

One of my all-time favourite gifts that I ever received (it was a graduation gift from my research group where I did my PhD) is my beloved Kindle. It’s nearly 4.5 years old today and still going strong. I love a good, real book just as much as the next bookworm, but it’s simply not practical to lug them around in your backpack. It’s bad for your health, you’ll have to pay for the extra weight and it limits your reading options. A Kindle is one of the best gifts for digital nomads.

Both the basic Kindle as well as the Kindle Paperwhite (which has built-in LEDs) are great options and won’t break the bank.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tshirt (1) The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tote Bag (1) The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls DNG Tanktop (1)

DNG Tote Bag, Tank Top or T-Shirt

I haven’t officially launched the DNG shop yet so you’re the first to find out about our brand new DNG goodies! Yay! You can choose between 2 fun travel quotes or just our simple logo on a tank top, tote or t-shirt! I love them all and hope you will too, maybe you have a digital nomad girl friend who’d love one for Christmas!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Mamimu Tote

Mamimu Laptop Tote Bag

Also created by one of our very own digital nomad girls, June, the Mamimu Tote bags are possibly the prettiest laptop totes around. Inspired by Japanese Kimono culture and the graphic elements of urban landscapes, the totes come in 3 different styles and colours. I’ve been happily testing out my own Mamimu tote bag that June kindly sent me and it’s become one of my favourite bags. Great for popping down to the coworking space, without looking like a tourist with my backpack on. Check out the bags here.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Roost Stand (1)

The Roost Laptop Stand

Not the sexiest present, but definitely one of the healthiest ones for digital nomads. The Roost Stand is my favourite laptop stand. It’s incredibly lightweight, packs down to the size of of a measuring stick and holds nearly any laptop safely. Since using it, I’ve really noticed less neck pain, fewer headaches and no tingling in my wrists and fingers anymore. I really recommend every long-term laptop user to use one of these.

You can get it on Amazon here > >


Digital Gifts


Sometimes even the most useful and lightweight physical gifts are too much to carry around. That’s why I love the idea of giving my nomadic friends virtual gifts instead. Here are some of my favourites:

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Headspace (1)

Headspace or Calm Membership

Keepingup with clients, travelling full time, running your own business, meeting new people. Phew. Being a digital nomad girl is hard work and often we forget to look after ourselves properly. One of the best things you can do to look after yourself is to look after your mind, and meditation is one of the best ways to do that.

Headspace and Calm are both meditation apps and I love and use them both. Headspace is a bit more down to earth while Calm is a bit more hippy-ish with soothing ocean sounds, gentle music and sleeping stories for adults. An annual membership is a great gift for any digital nomad girls and something they can use every day.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Spotify

Spotify Membership

Everybody loves music and the best way to access it these days is via Spotify. The free version works well on desktop but if you want to listen to music while you’re on the go, you’ll need a subscription. A great gift for a nomad!


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Yoga with adriene

Yoga With Adriene Membership

As a nomad I spend a lot of time hunched over my laptop. I love my Roost stand but after a long day of work, my shoulders are tense even with the laptop stand. Yoga has been so helpful over the last years. It helps me relax, loosen my sore shoulders, stretch my wrists and neck.

My favourite online yoga teacher is Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. She offers a tonne of free videos on Youtube but if you want even more and want to be able to watch them offline, you can sign up to her membership and app. I love her and can really recommend this video on yoga for healthy wrists.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Nomad Girls Netflix

Netflix Membership

As digital nomads we work hard, travel hard and also chill hard 😉 Haha, ok that was super cheesy. But seriously, we all have long flights, airport layovers and train rides and what is better to pass the time than a nice Netflix binge. With the app you can even download your shows and movies to your phone and watch them offline. The perfect gift for any digital nomad.


There you go, the perfect gifts for all price ranges for Digital Nomad Girls! Whether you’re looking for a present for a DNG friend of yours or you want to give your loved ones some idea of gifts you’d enjoy, I hope you like our recommendations.

Happy Christmas to you all! Ho Ho Ho!

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