I Love Running a Membership Business – But It’s Not for Everyone

Screenshots from Zoom of some of our Membership Events

Last week I was invited to give a presentation as a guest expert in my friends’ Sonia and Melissa’s community for location-independent therapists, LIT. Sonia asked me to share my experience of running a membership community. Usually, I’d freak out, like “what me? what do I know about this?”. But this time I decided to […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Virtual Coworking – and Why You Will, Too!

Today, let’s talk about coworking and why I love, love love virtual coworking (and what the hell it even is). First off though, I want to say that I’m a huge fan of coworking. But I hardly ever use coworking spaces. Sounds a bit weird, right? The truth is, I totally get why coworking spaces […]

10 Fun ways to get involved in the DNG Community

10 Fun Ways to get involved in the DNG Community featured image (1)

I can’t even believe it’s been three years since I started Digital Nomad Girls and the Facebook Group. What started as a fun way to meet new people and ask some questions has turned into a full-time passion project, business and movement of girls from around the world. I get so many lovely emails and […]

10 Digital Nomad Girls Share How they found their first online client

10 Digital Nomad Girls share how they got their first client

We asked and you answered! Find out how these girls got their first online client!   One of the goals of the Digital Nomad Girls Community is to educate and inspire other ladies to join us on our Digital Nomad journeys. We aim to provide you with relevant, useful and inspiring content about what jobs […]