I Love Running a Membership Business – But It’s Not for Everyone

Screenshots from Zoom of some of our Membership Events

Last week I was invited to give a presentation as a guest expert in my friends’ Sonia and Melissa’s community for location-independent therapists, LIT. Sonia asked me to share my experience of running a membership community. Usually, I’d freak out, like “what me? what do I know about this?”. But this time I decided to […]

How to Deal with Overwhelm and Decision Fatigue

Recently I’ve been struggling with a common issue for business owners and digital nomads: Decision Fatigue! ? I’d been trying to decide what kind of content I would like to regularly create for Digital Nomad Girls and I couldn’t decide whether that should be ? video content or a ? podcast. You might’ve even heard […]

How to deal with overwhelm when working remotely

I don’t know about you, but as a business owner and digital nomad, I often feel totally overwhelmed and out of my depth. So today I thought I’d share some tips on how I deal with overwhelm when it hits. So, yesterday I shared a little poll in the DNG Facebook Group because I wanted […]