What is DNG all about?

Inspiring & connecting location independent girls around the world
Launched in August 2015 as a Facebook Group for female digital nomads, aspiring entrepreneurs and freedom lovers, we are a quickly growing movement of nearly 50,000 girls around the world.


Oh, hello there lovely! 

What’s that you say? You want to become a digital nomad, but have no idea where to get started? Or you’re already a nomad but would love to meet others like you?

Well, you’ve made it to the right place!

Digital Nomad Girls is the largest community of location independent girls online – your online home away from home.

We are here to inspire, connect and empower girls all around the world to build a location independent lifestyle that gives them the freedom to travel and work wherever they want!

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can all create a life of freedom that we love. We believe that magic happens when like-minded women support each other, both online and offline.

But we also know that the digital nomad journey can be daunting, lonely and a crazy rollercoaster ride at times.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • You’re stuck in a 9-to-5 job, but all you can think about is escaping and travelling the world?
  • Two weeks of vacation a year are simply not enough to cure your wanderlust
  • You’re super excited about travelling, but your friends and family at home can’t relate to your dreams
  • You’ve heard of digital nomads, but you’ve never actually met anyone living this life, so you’re not quite sure if they’re real (or unicorns)
  • Everybody keeps telling you that the world is a dangerous place for a girl to travel
  • Sometimes at night you get that niggling feeling that “there must be something better out there”, but you don’t know where to start looking
  • You want to work and live as a digital nomad, but have absolutely no clue where to start
  • You love your job, but don’t know how to take it on the road with you
  • You’ve started building an online business, but you keep getting stuck and losing motivation
  • You’ve already got an online job, but you worry you might get lonely once you start travelling


Well, we’ve all been there! These feelings and worries are completely normal.

Creating a location independent lifestyle of your dreams is hard work, scary and can feel incredibly lonely at times. It’s still a new movement and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there that doesn’t always feel right for you. We get it.


“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!”


We’re here to help!

Digital Nomad Girls is your tribe – we’re here to inspire you to keep going, to connect you with like-minded women and to give you the tools and resources you’ll need to succeed.

No matter what background or experience you have, we truly and strongly believe that we can all turn our nomad dreams into reality, with a lot of hard work, a pinch of inspiration and a team of girls that have your back.

Here are some of the things we do:

  • We run a private Facebook Group where you can meet real digital nomads, ask questions and make friends around the world. Join us here.
  • If you need more accountability, want to learn from experts, and connect with a more exclusive group of women, we just launched the DNG Inner Circle: a virtual coworking community that travels with you! We run weekly virtual coworking sessions, monthly goal setting and much more! All info here.
  • We just started hosting Live Q&A sessions with experts about topics ranging from working as a VA to how you can monetize your blog.
  • Our Facebook Page is where you can get daily inspiration, motivation and interesting news straight to your timeline. Like and follow us here.
  • On our Blog we share guides, quick tips and give you the low-down on different online jobs each month and share our destination guides, here
  • We interview real life digital nomad girls and share their stories here.
  • We put together all the great nomad tools, apps, blogs and more in our Resources section
  • Want to meet digital nomad girls in your city? We can help you to organize meetups around the world (more info coming soon!)
  • We organise girls-only Mastermind Retreats for digital nomad girls! Connect, mastermind and make friends with like-minded women from around the world. This is our inner circle and retreat alumni continue to mastermind and work together months later. Find out about our upcoming retreats by subscribing here.
  • Are you looking to hire someone to help you with your business? Post a job on our Job Board or share it in our weekly Jobs Thread in the Facebook group.
  • Sign up for weekly inspiration, news, and updates on Live Q&As and more, in our weekly newsletter.

And if you’re struggling with planning your nomad life, download our free printable checklist here. It’ll keep you on track with all the tasks that need to be taken care of before you can take off.


“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”


Wanna get involved right away? Here’s how you get started:

  1. Join our Facebook Group, read our guidelines and introduce yourself ☺
  2. Like our Facebook Page for inspiration and helpful content
  3. Sign up to keep in touch with Digital Nomad Girls!

Who’s behind Digital Nomad Girls?

Hey, you’re still here!

I’m Jenny, a former chemist turned digital nomad.

After completing my PhD, I decided to swap my lab coat for a backpack and I’ve been travelling around the world for 3.5 years now. I’ve been working online for nearly two, mainly as a freelance writer, social media manager and web designer.

DNG is my passion project and dream business, I love nothing more than connecting like-minded women and coming up with crazy business ideas and adventures together.

Wanna know more about me?

Jeez, what a stalker… just kidding! Here’s my story:

How I went from stuck in a lab to location independent

Digital Nomad Girls started as a little Facebook group in August 2015. I had just arrived in Thailand to start out as a digital nomad and was wondering where all the girls were. Wherever I went, coworking spaces or meet-ups, I was often the only girl. So, I did what most travellers looking for friends would do. I turned to Facebook.

I started the group to connect with others and ask them all the questions I had. Soon, our little group had grown into a tribe, and then a movement.

And holy moly, just like me, there were thousands of Digital Nomad Girls craving the connection and support of like-minded women. Just a few months in, I organised the first local meetup, and everything kind of grew from there.

But wait, where did I actually start my journey towards location independence?

Let’s wind back a few years… to 2010 in London, England.

At the time I was a first-year PhD student in organic chemistry, running experiments in a lab. I’d moved away from my hometown of Munich a year earlier to explore my beloved new city, London. Everything was going great, I’d been studying chemistry for 5 years already and knew the drill. But one day in April, I found myself staring into my fume hood and crying. It suddenly hit me – I was bored to tears.

Jenny in the Lab ca 2008


What was I doing here? Surely there must be more to life than running the same experiment hundreds of times for 4 years, just to then go get a corporate job for the next 30 years?

But what? What else was out there?

I was so confused. The only interesting thing happening in my life was my upcoming trip to Israel. It was my first solo trip and it ended up changing everything.

After only 10 days of travelling and exploring a new exotic country, making friends from all over the world and getting a taste of adventure, I was stunned. There were hundreds of thousands of people who did this every day, travelling for months on end.

THAT’S what I wanted to do.

So, for the next 3 years I struggled through my PhD, distracting myself with as many side projects as possible. I took as many trips as I could afford, taking time off for weekend trips in Europe, and even a 3-month internship in South Africa. I volunteered for Greenpeace, joined the university social committee and started a blog, saving all the money I could from my meagre bursary.

And the whole time, only one goal kept me going: to travel the world.

After 4 years, somehow I managed to come out the other side unscathed, with a fresh degree in one hand and a round-the-world-ticket in the other.

Finally, I was free to explore the world.

After 7 months of backpacking around South and Central America, California and Fiji with my boyfriend Simon, eating my own body weight in ceviche and tacos and basically having the time of our lives, we ended up in Australia, broke but determined to keep going.

Luckily, we’d anticipated running out of money and had already applied for working holiday visas. Over the course of a year in Australia, I had about a dozen jobs: from bar work to waitressing, office jobs to lab work. I did it all.

At some point, I remember coming across a book called the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. I had never really read many non-fiction or self-help books, I was more of a historic novel or chick lit kind of girl, but this book was the start of my journey as a digital nomad.

With a few savings from Australia, a ton of motivation and no real clue what we were doing, Simon and I moved to Chiang Mai to become digital nomads. I’d heard about dropshipping, but after just one day of niche research I got bored of it, and started looking for other jobs I could do online. I read all the articles and blog posts I could find, but was still confused. How could I, a chemist and total non-techie become a digital nomad? Surely, I had to be quite, well… digital for that, no?

So I decided to set myself a challenge.

For the next months, I tried out any online job I could get my hands on, see if liked it, and document my progress and income on my blog, Square Hippie.

I’d read so many of those “how to become a digital nomad and make 10k within 2 weeks” kind of posts and I was bored of them. I wanted to see whether I could start from scratch and actually make a living, without any dodgy schemes, just a lot of hard work and curiosity.

I started writing SEO articles for $7 a pop, did translations, ghostwriting, transcriptions, design, and started dabbling in web design and social media. Within 9 months I had reached a solid income of around $2000 with all my different gigs that allowed me to travel in Asia quite comfortably.

I had done it, yay!!

But somehow, I was still not 100% happy. Yes, I was finally location independent, and yes I was still travelling and exploring. But I didn’t feel like I was making a real difference.

That’s when I decided to run the first DNG retreat. In September 2016, 14 women of 10 different nationalities came together for 7 days in beautiful Javea, Spain. There we discovered that magic happens when like-minded women get together to support each other, work together and form meaningful offline relationships. The friendships have lasted ever since and many of us work together now.

I realised that’s what I want – to connect as many like-minded location independent women around the world as possible!

Digital Nomad Girls is the platform to make that happen – we’re still just at the beginning of this journey, but there are plenty of cool new projects coming up over the next months!

So, are you up for an adventure? Then join us! And hopefully I’ll bump into you somewhere in the world very soon!



Jenny xxx

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