#nomadlife Reimagined

Collaborative. Feminist. Sustainable.

The Digital Nomad life has been sold as a “perfect” lifestyle that will make you happy AND rich – basically overnight.  In reality, it’s just a new way of living powered by the internet.  And in order to make it truly meaningful, we have to look beyond the shiny Instagram version.
Digital Nomad Girls invites you to reimagine what it means to be location independent and run a business.

Our Mission

We believe the nomad lifestyle is about more than collecting passport stamps or generating “passive” income. 

That it could be part of a bigger movement towards a more sustainable, ethical, feminist & communal world. One that values collaboration, mindfulness and rest, over individualism, greed and hustle culture.

And we believe that a network of globally-minded, adventurous & curious women will build this world. By sharing our knowledge and skills with each other and building businesses that are a force for good.

Meet Jenny

I’m a scientist turned digital nomad, entrepreneur and founder of DNG. Originally from Munich, I’ve been living & travelling abroad for the past 13 years. 

After finishing a PhD in chemistry in 2013, I planned to backpack for one year but stumbled headfirst into the digital nomad world. 

Having worked in a super competitive, high-pressure academic environment for many years, I was excited to find a lifestyle that seemed much more balanced & human-friendly.

Why did I start DNG?

Within a few short months of working online, I learned one of the biggest nomad lessons: this lifestyle can be really lonely and difficult. 

Turns out that building a business from scratch while moving around every few months wasn’t quite as easy-breezy as many made it sound.

Plus, it quickly became clear that the online business world was just as male-dominated and rife with hustle culture, toxic productivity and competition as academia. Ugh.

But I had no intention to swap the old rat race for a new one, so I decided to create a community that was different, and that’s how DNG was born over 6 years ago!

What we do

The Lab

The Lab is our virtual community for location independent women supporting each other through experimentation, collaboration & accountability!

Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group with over 30k members from around the world. Launched in 2015, it’s the longest-running FB Group for female digital nomads.

Community News

Every Friday we send out our roundup of the community – remote jobs posted by our members, inspiration, member highlights & regular free events!

A Business for Good

We are a Business for Good in partnership with B1G1 (Buy1Give1), a global organisation that allows businesses to embed Giving into their everyday operations. Through B1G1, your business can support projects around the world that are working toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. At DNG we support causes that are closely aligned with our values and are connected to:


Quality Education


Gender Equality

SDG 13

Climate Action

For example:

Every time a new member joins The Lab, we give a microloan to a female entrepreneur in Malawi.

Or every month when we host a Book Club for our members, we provide 20 days of access to literacy education to dalit girls.

Ethical Move Pledge

Being a Business for Good goes beyond giving back, it’s about how we conduct business, sell our offers and do marketing.

Sadly, a lot of the marketing practices in the (online) business world are absolutely unethical. The problem is that these practices absolutely work, that’s why they are so common and new business owners embrace them unquestioningly. (think fake scarcity, shame based sales copy, etc)

The great news is that, as business owners, we are in a unique position to take responsibility for the part we play in the cycle of consumerism.

At DNG we’ve taken the Ethical Move pledge and are committed to transparent, responsible and honest marketing. And we’re encouraging our community to do the same! 

You can find out more about the Ethical Move (and sign the pledge) below.

I feel like my business grew up in DNG.
I can't imagine my life without this community anymore.
I love the wonderful sense of community with others around the globe who "get" my lifestyle!
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