22-29 Oct 2016, Spain to Morocco

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Digital Nomad Girls week on Coboat!


Ahoy fellow nomad ladies!! Are you tired of being stuck in a coworking space or hotel room all day? Do you miss the adventure and fun of travelling? Would you like to meet other like-minded nomad girls from around the world and spend a week idea storming, skill sharing, networking and having fun? Then this might be what you’ve been looking for!

Digital Nomad Girls have joined Coboat for a week of sailing #girlpower!

All Girls Sailing

Join 10 location independent girls from around the world for an exclusive networking,coworking and masterminding event. We will sail on Coboat, the first coworking sailing catamaran on the planet.

Explore. Innovate. Collaborate.

This is Coboat’s motto and fits like a glove! The unique setting allows for unique connections to be made and ideas exchanged. You will feel #ideaslapped after our sessions.

Adventure, baby!

It’s time for an adventure! Enjoy sailing from Almeria, Spain to Casablanca, Morocco via Gibraltar on a 50-foot catamaran! Swim in the med, tan on deck, explore beaches, coves, oriental markets and towns and make new friends from around the world!

1 boat. 10 nomad girls. 1 adventure of a lifetime.

Who is this adventure for?


This 1-week sailcation (is that a word?) is open to all location independent ladies and those aspiring to become digital nomads. No matter your background, marketing, developing, design, writing, translation….all are welcome. You just need a sense of adventure and be flexible as this is not your ordinary working retreat! Expect to make memories that last a lifetime!

Where will we sail?


We will board Coboat in Almeria in the south of Spain and sail past Gibraltar to Morocco. We will end our trip in Casablanca after one week of adventure, networking, and collaboration. The route depends a bit on wind and weather, so be flexible and enjoy the ride.

What’s included?

  • 7 days/7 nights in a double or twin cabin
  • Access to fast wifi on board
  • Delicious, fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Skill Sharing – if you have skills or knowledge that fellow nomad girls might benefit from (SEO, digital marketing, specific tools etc.), we’d love you to share it with the group
  • Mastermind Sessions – if you have an idea for a business or project, present it in a casual setting and we’ll be your focus group
  • Morning Huddles – for those who want, we will meet over breakfast every morning to do quick accountability check-ins, get feedback and advice from the group
  • Access to water toys on board (snorkel, SUPs, lilos)
  • Port and harbour fees

Why join us?

  • Have an adventure of a lifetime
  • Network with other like-minded digital nomads
  • Make new friends and travel buddies
  • Mastermind sessions for you to present a specific goal or project and get feedback from fellow nomad girls
  • Develop your business and location independent lifestyle
  • Exclusive event with only 10 spots
  • Try out the digital nomad lifestyle in a unique setting
  • Explore beautiful Spain and Morocco
  • Learn to sail!

The Package

  • Includes accommodation on board a 50-foot Lagoon sailing Catamaran, breakfast, lunch and dinner on board, wifi, harbour and port fees and most day trips. Plus mastermind sessions and skill shares! 22-29 October 2016.
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What’s NOT included?

  • Travel insurance (you must provide proof of valid travel or health insurance)
  • Flights, buses, ferries, transfers
  • Alcoholic beverages (with exception of our welcome and farewell parties)
  • Visa expenses (let us know if you need help finding visa information and we’ll try to help as best we can)
  • Extra activities
Jenny Lachs

Jenny Lachs

Founder of Digital Nomad Girls

Jenny is the founder of Digital Nomad Girls and a freelance writer, social media manager, and translator. She had the pleasure of sailing on board Coboat for a week this year and was incredibly inspired and motivated by her experience and the connections she made on board. She loves meeting and connecting new people from around the world and thinks that Coboat offers the ideal setting to innovate and collaborate.

Who will be on board?



Marketing Expert & Coboat Enthusiast

Becky has 10 years of experience working in marketing but reached a point where she felt it had gone stale and craved an opportunity to broaden her horizons, both professionally and personally. She found out about Coboat and immediately pre-booked 9 weeks on board, and ended up working for Coboat as a community manager part-time. She will join Digital Nomad Girls as a guest to connect with like-minded girls and get inspiration for the next step in her nomad career.




After working as a passionate teacher for 12 years, Laura recently witnessed the challenges faced by students and teachers in Rwanda on a month-long teaching trip. Having learned about the power of coworking through her friend, Becky, she is now searching for the next step in her life, and hopes to find a way to make a positive impact in the world. She loves to travel and can’t wait for opportunities to network, share ideas, meet new people and increase her curiosity, while travelling on board Coboat.


How do I sign up?

Yay! We’re so happy you want to join us!

You can book directly with Coboat here.

What's included in the price?

Accommodation, internet, food and drinks (except alcohol). Most day trips are included.

What's not included in the price?

Alcohol, flights and transfers, activities such as scuba diving, and dinners on shore.

Can I bring my kids?

We love children, but unfortunately, we feel it is not appropriate to bring babies and children on the trip. Adults only, we’re afraid.

What insurance will I require?

It is highly recommended to have additional insurance cover such as travel, accident, cancellation, luggage and trip-interruption insurance. Our insurance does not cover the accidents or injuries that may occur on the trip.

What should I bring?

Laptops are a must – and any other hi-tech gear that you might want to bring along. Space is limited aboard the catamaran, so please leave your hard-shell suitcases and trolley cases ashore. Dress is casual – so pack light.. and leave your suits and cocktail dresses behind! You’ll spend most of your time in shorts, t-shirts, swimwear.. and bare feet! We don’t expect it to be cold but one long sleeved top is advised.

I'm not location independent yet, can I still join?

Yes! This trip will be the perfect opportunity to try out the location independent lifestyle and learn from other Digital Nomad Girls. We suggest you come onboard with a specific goal or project in mind that you’d like to tackle. We will support you with mastermind sessions and you’re guaranteed to feel idea slapped afterwards 🙂

What type of project can I work on?

Anything that you would like to get some help with and feedback on. It could be creating a business plan for a new project, coming up with a marketing strategy for your business, creating an app, starting a social enterprise, work life balance…the possibilities are endless!

Can I bring my pet onboard?

Although we would love to, we’re afraid we cannot take any pets or animals on board, not even cute ones. Sorry.

How do I get there?

Almeria in Andalucia has an international airport with many low budget carriers connecting it to the UK and Europe. It’s easiest to fly directly into Almeria, but flying into Malaga or Madrid, followed by a bus journey, is also an option.

Do I need a visa?

That depends on your nationality and passport. Please check with your government’s immigration website and make sure you apply for your visa in advance. Please let us know if you need help and we’ll do our best to support you.

What happens after we arrive in Casablanca?

After arriving in Casablanca you can explore the city or other parts of Morocco. It is a beautiful country that is getting more and more popular with digital nomads. You could check out one coworking and coliving paces and we are also working on organising a few days luxury spa weekend/retreat as an optional add onTreat yo self!

Will there be other people there?

That depends on how many awesome nomad girls sign up! There’s space for 10 girls on board, in case we only occupy part of the boat, other nomads might be there, too. But this should just add to the fun, the more the merrier 🙂

Is it for me?

Do you need to extract yourself from day to day tasks to get the freedom for your big picture thinking, developing long-term strategy and shaping your life? You will be able to go online to deal with those urgent matters and emails but this trip is designed to help you design your life, reach your potential to help others and get help. Live the life you want to live as a location independent lady.

Do I need any sailing experience?

Absolutely not. However, you can learn a bit more about sailing onboard should you want to!

Is seasickness an issue?

Most of the journey takes place on calm waters. Coboat’s size also minimizes movement of the vessel in the event of choppy weather. In rare cases of seasickness, our experienced crew comes to the rescue; with ginger cookies, yoga, meditation, and (if necessary) medication.

Are there any physical requirements for the trip?

Due to the nature of the experience and in the interest of safety we ask that you are a competent swimmer and of good physical state. If there is any doubt we will need you to notify us so we can make a decision.

We feel the trip is not suitable for pregnant women beyond 6 months.

It is with regret that due to the access restrictions and layout on our vessel wheelchair bound guests and some physically disabled people cannot join. 


Boat related questions

Can I share a cabin with my friend?

Sure! Let us know in your application form who you’d like to share a cabin with and we’ll try our best to accommodate everybody!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Coliving on a boat means space is limited, so.. we share! Cabin layout varies: we have 4 double cabins and oone twin bunk cabin. We will endeavour to honour requests for sleeping arrangements. Feel free to also sleep on deck (when safe)!

Can I recharge my devices and laptop?

Yes there are charging points on the boat for this.

What are the cabins like?

There are four double and one twin cabin available for sharing, each is equipped with modern and comfortable beds and they have their own bathrooms.

How many crew members are on board?

At minimum, two: captain and community manager. The number of deck hands will vary depending on conditions and location. 

How does the internet work?

Our technology partner Cellweaver will provide a WIFI hotspot on board. Whilst we are sailing close to the shore we can access 3G/4G data networks but expect varying quality of connections as we sail. If you have a Spanish SIM card you can also use this as your hotspot. 

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