Digital Nomad Girls is a home for all aspiring and established female digital nomads!


Our goal is to grow a community of like-minded girls who want to make lasting connections online and in “the real world”.

There’s already a growing community of digital nomads out there, but due to the stigmas attached to women working online and society’s fears about women traveling solo, the majority of nomads today are males. The Digital Nomad Girls project is all about inspiring and encouraging girls everywhere to live their dreams of becoming location independent!

The Digital Nomad Girls website makes it easy for girls who travel and work online to connect. We don’t focus on tech backgrounds, like many other awesome networks, but want to be inclusive of all Digital Nomad Girls: coders, SEO Ninjas, Social Media whizzes, writers, bloggers, photographers, teachers, translators and more! We also hope to become a hub for aspiring nomad girls who have recently found out about this lifestyle to find the resources they need to become location independent.


Real Connections

But we aren’t just an online community and digital nomad girl resource! We love connecting online and on social media, but nothing beats a good ol’ girls night out or catch up over a cup of coffee. That’s why we created the Digital Nomad Girls Calendar. Any nomad girl, in any part of the world, can submit a meetup and we will publicize it to our community! They will also receive a custom Eventbrite page that they can share with their network. No one should feel alone in a new place, and Digital Nomad Girls is here to help!

Who’s behind Digital Nomad Girls?

Jenny is the founder of Digital Nomad Girls.

She is a scientist with a PhD in chemistry, which she decided to swap for a location independent life. She is a freelance writer, translator, social media manager and virtual assistant and shares her own nomadic experience over on her blog Square Hippie.

After starting her own location independent journey in summer 2015 she realised there wasn’t a platform for female digital nomads, so she started the Facebook Group to find other Digital Nomad Girls.

Turns out there are quite a few nomad ladies out there who are looking for like-minded girls to network, make friends and travel with!

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Digital Nomad Girls is aiming to be the one-stop resource for all aspiring and current digital nomad girls!

We feature inspiring interviews with successful digital nomad women, 

travel tips specifically for girls, regular meetups and info about our upcoming


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