Although for most of us here at Digital Nomad Girls it’s Women’s Day every day (woop!), on March 8th every year, the world comes together to celebrate women and to raise awareness of women’s rights issues that are still prevalent in every single country.

Did you know that International Women’s Day is over 100 years old and started in New York City as a protest by garment workers? The women took to the streets to demonstrate against inhumane treatment and unfair wages. While the protest was broken up by the police (booo!) the movement went on to become the first women’s labour union in the States. Pretty impressive.

100 years later, sadly there is still need to raise awareness about a multitude of issues; from women rights, to education, equal pay, human trafficking, maternity leave and so on. However, let’s not forget that Women’s Day is also about celebrating women world wide. The mothers and sister, daughters and wives, girlfriends, aunts, nieces, bosses and colleagues.

That’s why we’ve put together 5 fun ways for Digital Nomad Girls to celebrate International Women’s Day, no matter if you’re at home or on the road.


1. Take the Day Off and Treat Yoself!


A bunch of girl friends enjoying brunch together

What better way to celebrate than taking a (half-)day off and getting together with your girlfriends. If you live in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia, you won’t even have to take a vacation day as International Women’s Day is a national holiday.

Meet up for brunch, ideally at a local place run by women (did you know less than 10% of top chefs in the US are women?) or a social enterprise that supports women in local communities, these can be found all over the world, like the Daughter of Cambodia project in Phnom Penh.


2. Support a women’s charity

There are many ways you can support either a local or global charity that empowers and helps women. If you have time you can volunteer at a local women’s shelter, although often they prefer to receive donations instead. Hold a fundraiser with a few friends and raise some money for the cause. You could also donate to one of the awesome organisations that supports women and girls in tech. Did you know that only around 20% (depending on country) of coders are women? There are many kickass projects to support, like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code or Girls in Tech.


3. Hold a Film Night

Invite your friends over, cook up some popcorn and watch a movie marathon of your favourite kickass women films. As much as we love Hollywood movies, you might want to steer clear of your regular chick flicks and instead watch a documentary about feminist issues. A great choice is “Miss Representation”, a documentary that exposes the role that mainstream media has in the portrayal of women and how this supports the underrepresentation of women in positions of power.

Watch the trailer here:

Or if you want something more light-hearted, Fried Green Tomatoes is one of our all time favourite films about the power of female friendships.


4. Start a feminist book club


A girl reading a book, deep in concentration

Whether alone or with your friends, why not start a book club of feminist literature and books written by women. If you need a bit of inspiration check out Good Reads Feminista’s 100 Great 20th Century English-language Works of Fiction by Women. Pick one to start and set a date a few weeks from now to meet up with your friends and chat about it.


5. Raise your voice

No matter if you’re volunteering, fundraising, celebrating or marching: share what you’re doing with the world. Tweet about it, post on Facebook, make a video and share it on YouTube or post a pic on Instagram. Talk about why International Women’s Day still matters and what change you would love to see in the world. For those of your friends (male and female) who don’t think there’s a need to raise awareness, show them this little video and watch their expression.

Let us know how you will celebrate in the comments!

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